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Here’s my favorite ”5-Step Airplane Reflexology Sequence”. I use it and it helps every time:

1. First, get a glass or bottle of water from the stewardess and settle in. Dehydration is one of the main factors contributing to airplane discomfort and jet lag! My favorite seats on an airplane are the aisles because I continually drink liquids (especially important on long flights).

2. Carry a small bottle of lotion (less than 3 ounces so I can take it through security). Take out the lotion and apply a small amount to the hands as part of the “warm-ups”. I work the lotion onto the dorsum, up the forearm, between the fingers and into the webs. This alone will get the blood flowing.

3. Next, work the fingers with alternating thumb and finger walking – like a pinching motion on either side of the digit. I prefer working from tip to base, again to support the “venous” return. I detail the area around the nails and finger tips.

4. Starting on the palm, thumb-walk in any direction – the one that has the most ease. I’ll definitely work more on the reflexes to the immune system; spleen, thymus and lymph (both axillary and groin) reflexes.

5. Last but not least, the dorsum. I work with a one finger-walk technique around the knuckles and then combine several fingers to “walk” the last few passes across the metacarpals an up the wrist.

Finish it up with a cradling of each finger in the opposite palm. This technique is used as a calming sequence for all the digits. To end, I hold the solar plexus points.

In the past, I’ve written about giving a woman, who was sitting next to me on a plane having a debilitating PMS attack, a soothing hand reflexology session. (You can go to my reflexology blog to find the article and others that are archived there.)

I must confess that I’ve even given myself a foot reflexology session (working through my socks) while flying the friendly skies. Not to be done by the very shy – it did generate some lively interest from my fellow passengers. One person said that they’d become a client if they lived closer to me and all the stewardesses swooned each time they passed by.

(I too became the client of reflexologist who was giving someone foot reflexology in the public mineral-water pool at a national park. Talk about a great way to demonstrate your skills, I booked a session with her on the spot and go back regularly when I’m in the area.)

Once the plane reaches its cruising speed and the computers come out, I often look around at the business people with their laptops open, crunching the numbers as the plane soars.

I think about how lucky I am to be a reflexologist. I too am conducting business analysis, but mine is such a pleasure and so good for my health. In addition I carry all the tools I need with me where ever I go. There’s really nothing better.

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