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Reflexology and Golf

Summertime, and the living is easy… I love that song. Along with summer comes all of the summer sports and golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is estimated that between 28 million to 35 million play golf worldwide.

In addition to the huge number of golfers, the standard of the game and the players has also gone up. It’s turned from being a leisurely afternoon game to high intensity competition. And, like any other sport, even golfers need to maintain their health and stamina – as they say, “a golf game starts from the ground up”. It’s especially important for a golfer to plant their feet firmly on the ground.

Stress and tensions that are held in the body can affect the quality of the game they play. It can lead to strains and injuries. An overdose of the game might be another reason that can lead to wear and tear on the body which can then further lead to unwanted injuries.

For a long time now, I’ve thought that opening a reflexology chair site at a busy golf course is a great way to introduce the health benefits of reflexology and also tap into a niche market for the summer season (here in Florida it’s year-round.

It’s so easy and much less hassle than other modalities because all the golfer has to do is to take off their shoes (and you can offer that service as an added, pampering bonus). Not to mention that golfers can be almost fanatical about their game and most will do anything and pay anything to improve their game.

Everyone knows that proper warm-ups and workouts are needed to maintain the body in good shape and prevent injuries. But golfers are not necessarily the most dedicated group for pre and post sport exercise. Reflexology is definitely an option which helps to fight back on injuries and strains. It’s been proved that reflexology helps to relax the body which can also increase flexibility and help to prevent further probable injury.

Here are some of the reflex sites that I commonly address for maintenance on possible strains and injuries common to golfers:

  • The area around the neck gets sore; this can be due to excessive force in hitting the ball. Paying attention to the 7 cervical vertebrae reflexes and the foot reflex for the trapezius is specifically helpful here.
  • Hands, forearms are another area prone to injury due to gripping and swinging of club all of which is very manageable with Hand Reflexology.
  • Elbows are the next area highly prone to injury due to the swinging of the club. You’ve heard of tennis elbow, well, if the pain is on the other side of the elbow, it’s referred to as “golfers elbow“. Any issue with a name like that… need I say more? And, yes we have an elbow reflex to work at the bases of the fifth metatarsals and metacarpals. Now is it’s time to shine!
  • For the lower body, which is susceptible due to the playing stance, reflexology can help to rejuvenate the entire body with special attention paid to the lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae reflex area. In addition, the reflexes of the legs, hops and knees can be addressed.

So, if you want to add some extra income (and even learn a few pointers about the game) check out your local golf club and start swinging.

Enjoy your wonderful reflexology skills.

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