How Steve Cured His Foot Pain

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Steve comes to my classes to teach part of the Anatomy and Physiology. As a psycho-pharmacologist (he helps people with emotional disturbances and when appropriate, to use medication wisely), he has a great knowledge of the body and, obviously, the brain. He’ll be the first one to tell you that reflexology affects the parasympathetic nervous system.  And, he “works for reflexology” because every time he teaches, as payment, he’ll get a session from one of the students during our practice sessions. (This is a real hands-on class – we practice our techniques every day.)

So, when he had foot pain, I wanted to pay him back for all the support he’s given me. I gave him a soothing foot reflexology session before he went to bed. (I was also thinking about the late night project I might do with all the great energy I’d be generating for myself.)

Now, as a reflexologist, my first thoughts were not about Steve’s feet! As I worked, I asked him to tell me what areas, if any, were tender. I also noticed the areas where there was a change in the tissue texture.I won’t give away all his secrets, but you can be sure there was a connection between the areas of tenderness and health/diet issues.The feet are such gossips, they will tell you everything.

So, I asked a few questions relating to the spine and the organs in the abdominal cavity. It’s not about being a genius, it’s just about asking useful questions (something else you learn in class).

I would never tell anyone that there’s something wrong. They would have to see a medical practitioner for that. (Reflexologists never diagnose, treat or prescribe!)

We can be intelligent though and once issues are confirmed, our conversation centered around which diet/lifestyle, etc., changes could best help.

As a reflexologist, my main interest is in the body, the organs and organ systems. But, I know there’s still a foot (or two) involved.
I wanted to help there too.

So I asked Steve what he already knew to do… “tell me something that’s helped you in the past” (commonly, this isn’t the first time a problem appears in the area).
Since we’d covered this territory before, Steve knew that soaking his feet in alternating warm/hot and cool/cold water helps a lot. He also knew that specific, light exercise (the ones we learned in class) and working some very tight muscles on his leg helped too. Asking the question reminded him of that.
Although he was told by a podiatrist that he had a heel spur and it would need cortizone shots,  he opted for my reflexology and his own hot and cold hydro-therapy techniques.

After a short while, his pain was almost completely gone. That was several years ago now and it has never come back.
My work with my favorite client may never be done (and, I hope not). But, there’s nothing more satisfying to a reflexologist (and a wife) than knowing that I can help.
And, he’s taking responsibility for his own body – he knows where to go for help, and… how to help himself.
I wish the same for all.
Happy Holidays.

Enjoy your wonderful reflexology skills.

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