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    Is there any reflex point that can stimulate the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid in the brain?

    I always say, you must seek a doctor's advice for questions pertaining to a client's medical condition.

    Having said that… I have not come across an exact reflex point for the one that is being asked about here: "a reflex point that can stimulate the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid in the brain".

    However, it's agreed by many that inherent in our alternating thumb and finger walking techniques that circulation may be improved.

    Could that also assist the flow of CS fluid?

    I really don’t know for sure, but I do think of the body in a holistic way. By that I mean that:

    a) no part of the body operates in isolation from the rest, and

    b) all the fluid tides will be impacted positively by the reduction of stress.

    The support that reflexology brings the body offers tremendous stress relief.

    And, we know that stress relief may help the body in its own homeostatic normal functions.

    In my Cranio-sacral Balancing training I learned that the fluid tides and especially the core tide – the cerebral spinal fluid – responds very positively to relaxation and stress relief.

    If anyone of my readers has something to add or has heard of a specific point for the CS fluid, please email me and I’ll share it with you all.

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    Do you have any experience with Restless Leg Syndrome? What suggestions can you give me that I might help this condition? My client has trouble getting through a session because one or the other leg jumps and makes her uncomfortable.


    Yes I do. In fact I just wrote a whole article about it. I was looking through my files and came across a student account on RLS and then added my own notes. Hope you enjoyed reading about it in my free weekly Reflexology Newsletter.


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