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Vol. III, Issue 7

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- Feature Article: The Professor's 10 Keys to Success - continued

- A Note from the Professor: What's New

- Upcoming Classes: June's Ear Reflexology

- The Professor Recommends: Thursday videos

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I've been enjoying some sand and sun here in Miami Beach, but in a few days I'll be returning to New York to teach the final weekend of my 200 hour Hand Reflexology Master class.

We're working as a group to research and then document a variety of auxiliary supports for our clients. Our goal is to engage them even further in their own healing process. To this end, we're cataloging supplemental methods that support both the organ systems as well as all the chakras.

I'm totally dedicated to bringing the best Reflexology information to all people who want to learn.

This past month, I've been working hard learning a few new technical elements that I can use to bring you lots more of my reflexology secrets, tips and techniques.

Read on and you'll see what I mean.

I'll give you another hint...there's even more (but I can't reveal it just yet) coming soon. You'll be amazed.

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What Would You Say to a System of Reflexology That's Even More Relaxing Than the Feet?

Would You Be Interested if it Was Much Easier on Your Hands?

Wow, more relaxing and much easier on your hands to do!

Here are even more reasons to get excited...

- balances left brain and right brain
- the go-to method for most addiction issues
- more effective for issues of the spine, allergies and nerves than even the feet!

I'm talking Ear Reflexology, and you have only one chance this year to learn this comprehensive training.

You just don't want to miss it - ONLY 3 SPACES LEFT!


Then call or email:

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Basic Ear Reflexology, Sat. & Sun. (9:30am-5:30pm), June 7 & 8. No prerequisite.

Wendy Coad, P00104, is approved as a provider of continuing education by the American Reflexology Certification Board.



In your last Newsletter, I talked about the first 5 Keys:

1. Draw them in with a kick-butt session plan.

Be sure you have a system in place to monitor their success.

2. Be conversational! Talk to you client's like a dear, respected friend. (no back slapping here). Don't carry the conversation too far into the session. Remember, it's more relaxing when you're not talking.

3. Be client centered, not practitioner centered.
FYI - your client wants to know: "What's in it for me?"

4. Focus on the benefits, not just the features.
What will Reflexology DO for your client? Give him a better quality of life? Give her "knock out" relaxation? Give her peace of mind?

5. Nix the mumbo jumbo. Keep your explanations simple and avoid the jargon. Just stick to the facts... and the benefits.


KEYS 6 – 10:

6. Keep it brief and digestible. No one wants to think of working on something forever. The sooner you relay your client's benefit the more likely you'll keep them engaged.

Begin with your biggest benefit...if you wait until several sessions have passed, you'll risk losing your client's interest before they can reap the rewards.

Give them an optimum number of sessions (very few clients begin with considering it long term). You can always re-evaluate later on. And, once you build the relationship, a client can be yours for years and years.)

Bad: "Let's see how this works."

Better: "In 3 sessions we'll see change and we can evaluate from there."

Remember, you need a system in place to evaluate their relaxation progress based on their criteria as well as your own.

7. Use anecdotes when possible.
We can't treat, diagnose or prescribe, but we can tell people truthfully what other people have told us or what we've read from reliable sources.

It doesn't hurt to have a few journal articles on hand. That way, it's someone else giving them information in their words, and not you being prescriptive. Besides, people need to know that it's not just their problem.

Anecdotal information, as well as storytelling, is a great way of sharing information.

For example, I tell my clients that " I drink a couple of glasses of water after my reflexology sessions, because I think it's a great way to support my body in its own natural detoxification processes".

That way I give them information without being prescriptive (telling them to drink water). I might follow-up with the question, "Would you like a glass of water?"

8. Work in an engaging location. Today you can choose from a wide variety of "office" possibilities. You can rent, you can share, you can barter. You can even rent space on an hourly basis. All are usable, but most of these spaces come with little or nothing to do with what you want to create...a peaceful, creative, healing space.

Bad: A business-type office with a conference chair for the client... (Oh yes, I've been there.)

Better: A space that's outside your environment and theirs. There are too many distractions in either one. Sometimes you have no choice so you work at home, but start to move in the direction of sharing a space, or renting by the hour, in a comfortable environment.

Again, make it client centered... no one gives a hoot that you have dozens of towels. Make the space "rich and comfortable" by using luxurious fabrics that you bring in or can easily store there. Then you can unfold your "environment" even if you share with others.

Make sure you bring a "kit" of items for ambience and comfort (music, lights, "aromatic" natural fresheners) along with your clean linens and supplies.

9. Review the details.
Review with your client what their goals were, what you found (if anything - don't stress it if there's nothing much to say) and what your plan for the next session is.

Always give a synopsis of the work. Remember you can paraphrase what they've told you because, obviously, you've detailed exactly that. (And, if you didn't, well then, it's time to get out of Dodge )

This point is probably the easiest to overlook... but doing so is at your own peril! Keep a chart, make a graph, highlight the important landmarks of progress.

If you think it's not important or that it takes too much time... look at your practice. If you don't have all the clients you want, I suggest you give this a try.

10. Make your next appointment. Tell your client when your next appointment time is and ask if she'd like to take it. Of course, it'll be in a week or maybe two.

If you make it a yes or no question, there's at least a 50% chance they'll say yes. If the time you offer doesn't work, then you can check with your client to see what does.

Remember, they're more likely to come back if you make it easy for them to do just that. Waiting for them to call actually makes more work for your client. That's one more thing for them to think about or stress over... and if they have the time to bother with it, you're lucky.

Bad: "Call when you'd like another appointment"

Better: "I have an appointment open next week on Wednesday at 3. Would you like to take it?" "Is another day better, I have my calendar here now?" "Would you like me to give you a quick reminder call next week or would you rather I touch base with you the week after?"

See, you've already eliminated some of their future stress... and that's what we're all about.

If you follow even some of these keys, you'll see a difference in your client satisfaction.

If you implement all 10 KEYS TO PLANNING A SESSION THAT WORKS you'll fill your practice in no time.

© Wendy I Coad


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