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Wednesday, May. 13th, 2009
Vol. IV, Issue 16

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- Feature Article: Reflexology and Learning in Babies

- A Note from the Professor: Summertime

- Upcoming Classes: Teleseminar this Thursday

- The Professor Recommends: The Foot Factor Program

- Marketplace & Helpful Hints:
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A Note From the Professor

One more class and then it's "summertime, and the living is easy". My last 2009 Professional Training Program in Hand Reflexology finishes this weekend.

Of course I’ll be writing my newsletter, developing reflexology trainings and products and thinking of new ways to bring valuable reflexology information everyone who cares to learn…

And, that’s just the beginning!

Over the past year I’ve launched my successful “The Foot Factor Program”, the most comprehensive reflexology-training-and–review-in-a-kit.

Nothing like this has ever been done before and probably won’t because… it’s everything I teach in a 6 day learning program. No other DVD program comes even close in terms details and laying out, step by step the most valuable reflexology information.

And I’ve kept it at a very low introductory price, but it’s time to move on and up.

If you’ve been waiting to purchase it – the time is now. Even if you’ve been doing reflexology for a while, you know you’ve forgotten about as much as you’ve remembered from your classes. Watching these DVD’s will amaze you.

Click here THE FOOT FACTOR PROGRAM, or go to www.thefootfactorprogram.com

Also, many thanks to those who have been referring my newsletter to family, friends and colleagues.

Remember: I have a mission this year - to deliver great reflexology news to at least 2009 people by the end of the year. I'm calling it 2009 in 2009.

I asked you to pass the word along, and even thought I'm not there yet (well, it's only been a few weeks) the sign-ups are rolling in – almost 100 more - so, thank you and keep passing the word!

This newsletter is for people who know (or are open to knowing) and love reflexology. I want to have reflexology inspire, motivate and challenge people because that’s been my experience with reflexology and it’s changed my life for the better.

So, I’m asking: “Will you help?

Great. Please tell all your friends and relatives - acquaintances as well – everybody’s welcome!”

Send them this free newsletter and tell them to sign up for it (I can’t do it for you) or send them to the website www.reflexologyprof.com or the new blog reflexologysuccess.com.

Reflexology Blog

Someone wrote to me because they thought they had to pay for all this great reflexology information. I assured them that it’s the best reflexology deal in the world because it’s f*r*e*e.

Last but not least, I have my next f*r*e*e reflexology teleseminar coming up – Thursday. You can read more about it below.

See you there.

Live Long, Reflex and Prosper,

(Speaking of “live long and prosper” - I saw the new Star Trek movie and this ol’ “Trekkie” liked it. I kept thinking “there just has to be Vulcan ear reflexology!” :)

Wendy Coad

Wendy I. Coad, "The Reflexology Professor"
Creator the Mega Reflexology Training

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Classes and Workshops

The Next Fr*ee Tele-seminar is Thursday, May 14th!

The FREE Reflexology Info Tele-seminar
Thursday, May14, 2009, 7pm.

I admit, I’ve been planning this “high energy” reflexology tele-seminar for a while now and I’m thrilled to bring you such fascinating and useful information.

Because I can’t get to all the people who might benefit from reflexology by myself, it’s rewarding to know that so many of my students are helping with my mission – to bring even more great reflexology and reflexology information to the world.

I’ve been teaching for so long now that there are literally thousands who have taken my workshops and/or lectures.

One former student, Irene Mykoliw, OT, has been using reflexology in her practice, working with babies with developmental and learning delays.

We’ve all heard of ADD, ADHD – well, you’ll get to listen in on a conversation with someone who is on the front lines.

So mark your calendar – Thursday, May 14, 2009


Email: info@reflexologyprof.com
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Feature Article

Reflexology and Learning in Babies

I've always been fascinated by a former student's success in integrating (where appropriate) reflexology into her already amazing practice of Occupational Therapy for babies (ages 18 mos. – 3 years) with developmental delays.

As she puts it: “ADD & AHDD are diagnosed at a later time, age 6. You clearly can see the behaviors wilh poor attention skills and hyper activity without the diagnosis. I think the Autism part… [is of] of great interest as the increase is constantly on the air.”

Here’s one report she wrote on the subject and will give you an idea of what the conversation will be on our teleseminar this Thursday (see above for details).

I have been working with a child, J.A., who is 2 ½ years old in the center I work in. I provided a total of 5 sessions.

J.A. is described as having difficulty in sitting still for tasks in classroom and leaving classroom for her therapy sessions as well as having her diaper changed.

My traditional therapeutic approach (Sensory Integration Techniques) was intrusive for her and she had a tendency to avoid, either by crying, running to the door, humming or closing her eyes.

In November I attempted reflexology on her for the first time with the aide of her teacher assistant who positioned J.A. on her laps.

J.A. tended to wiggle her feet slightly but tolerated warm up and relaxation techniques. I began my session with working on the left foot first.

I worked on the plantar area using a general approach with moderate pressure, but detailed the spine, diaphragm and brain reflex area bilaterally. When I completed working on her right foot, she said “wow”.

I continued to provide reflexology on her 3 times in January, without anyone present. The second session, I placed her on a large pillow that is firm and worked on her feet with moderate pressure.

She tolerated the left foot without moving her foot, but when working the right foot, J.A. tended to wiggle her foot with the thumb walking techniques, but tolerated. She lied still for the warm up techniques.

Holding her right foot firmly, I completed the session and she appeared calmer. I noticed she allowed me to direct her to sit at a table to play with sensory materials such as shaving cream and J.A. began touching the materials for her fingers.

The third session was better. Child went to the large round firm pillow and allowed me to position her on the pillow to work on her without resisting.

I began to work on her feet using moderate pressure and working each specific organ and gland. She seemed more focused and willing to sit for shaving cream and peg activities, after the reflexology session. (She usually prefers musical type of toys to play).

The next day, I walked into the classroom and J.A. seemed more focused and sustained eye contact with me for a few minutes. (Teachers reported she is responding better to their program demands).

This is a new behavior.

On the fourth session, child initiated going to pillow herself and positioning herself in lying.

This time, I noticed child’s facial expression indicated that she seemed to be tuned in to reflexology techniques. (I worked on J.A. for approximately 10 minutes each session, as her therapy mandates are 30 minutes, 2x weekly.)

Afterwards she interacted with more toys. (Teachers reported she is reported she is responding to more work demands in the classrooms every day).

I performed reflexology on her the fifth time with her mother present. Afterwards I led child through an obstacle course set up in the therapy room.

She is now allowing me to lead her in completing the obstacle course with moderate physical prompting, holding her hand with one hand. (Prior I needed to hold and guide her with 2 hands).

Her mother was present and was amazed at her performance. I am witnessing that reflexology is helpful in assisting the population I work with to attain better focus and attention allowing for learning to occur.

babies and reflexologyThis experience is giving me an incentive to make up a check list delineating child’s current behavior, attention, and overall performance with the environment before receiving reflexology and progressively after receiving reflexology.

I also have noticed that the children who are most delayed, have increased creases on their little feet from the heel to the shaft of the toes. I will be pay attention particularly to the deep creases and describes them on the check list form, I am planning to design.

Since I began studying and applying reflexology techniques, I seem to be feel better equipped in servicing this population offering a well rounded and holistic session.

Parents expressed their delight in offering an additional modality.

- Irene Mykoliw, OT

This is just one of the many stories that Irene and other students have shared in classes and workshops. I am always thrilled when reflexology adds to the quality of life for anyone, but especially babies and children, who seem to naturally love it.

If we could predict such delicious reflexology outcomes every time, we’d be in a whole different business, but it happens over and over and it’s cause to celebrate every instance.

Here’s what another former student, who’s practicing in Katmandu, Nepal, has to say:


wendy that's great, in fact i worked on dominic almost every day up to one year, i have had many fantastic experiences with children 2-12 and infants as well.

all the very best


Thanks to Irene and Ilse for you’re great story's.

I’m looking forward to talking to you all on the teleseminar.

And, don’t forget to read on…I’m answering a question sent in about carpal tunnel further down the page.

Enjoy the rest of your Reflexology Newsletter and, if you want to see some past articles go to my new website by clicking on the link below:

Click Here for the Reflexology Success Blog

Here’s food for thought by Garrison Keillor:

"Nothing you do for children is ever wasted. They seem not to notice us, hovering, averting our eyes, and they seldom offer thanks, but what we do for them is never wasted."

@ Wendy I. Coad


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Marketplace and Helpful Hints

More Support and Helpful Hints

Here’s an interesting question that came into my e-mailbox:

“I have pain (carpo tunnel) in my left wrist and numbness in fingers etc. The pain is wakeing me up in the evening and just sitting around I get numbness in my fingers etc. My upper arm is painful also my left shoulder, what would you recommend to help this condition, I have a little experience with reflexology, can you give me suggestions that may help, I DO NOT want to go for the operation that the Dr\'s recommend. Hoping to hear back from you. Thanking you in advance. Peter. Also can you recommend any books etc. – P.H.

I love this question because this problem is more common than you’d think.

I may sound like a broken record on this point but, first and foremost, it’s important that you see your doctor.

Remember, I’m not a doctor, and as a reflexologist, I can’t diagnose, treat or prescribe.

However, I can share some experiences that I and others have had.

About 2 months after graduating from massage school, I too had numbness in my hand – it would happen often, but mostly when I woke up in the morning.

It seemed to be coming from my wrist and at first I thought that the problem was there.

But after weeks of trying a variety of things, with no success, I graduated to suspecting my elbow. Surely it was a casualty of my recent massage school training (and if not my elbow the culprit was likely something else like “thoracic outlet syndrome”).

I felt pain in my upper shoulder as well as the numbness in my fingers.

So, I was surprised to finally realize that everything was coming from my neck. I’d had an old compression injury there and the nerve root was, in fact, the same nerve that enervated my shoulder and the 2 fingers that would go numb.

Fortunately for me, there was no build up of scar tissue in my neck, no arthritis, no horrible accident that left me permanently disabled.

The compression of the bones was locked into place by the soft tissue that surrounds it.

I was lucky – bones don’t do anything on their own, they’re just bones. If they stay in place or are lodged slightly out of place – it’s the soft tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue that are conspiring to keep it that way.

What I didn’t know is that nothing would work well until I’d addressed the underlying cause.

You can be sure I did reflexology on both my hands and feet and it definitely did help. I tried chiropractics, swedish massage and yoga but the greatest and longest lasting relief came from receiving Trigger Point Therapy and practicing Pilates.|

Trigger Point Therapy took muscles that I didn’t even know were in spasm… out of spasm.

Pilates strengthened both my core and the muscles surrounding the structure (my neck) so that the bones were supported in place rather than straining from being somewhat out of place.

I wish it was so easy for everyone.

Did I say it was easy? I suffered intermittently for years until I found out what worked, but now I have tools for life.

If I had pain today, I’d definitely start with reflexology and then immediately begin using the simple tools recorded in Clair Davies book “the Trigger Point Workbook”.

Even my husband, the skeptic, found relief from chronic pain (a disk he’d herniated in his low back years ago) by addressing the trigger points.

Obviously, these are just examples and not to be followed because of my success.

If you are injured, follow your doctor’s orders.

I do recommend the Davies books to just about everyone. It’s probably the best $15.00 investment you could make. (The information comes from Simons & Travell books that are approx 2,000 pages and cost $200.00. Davies put it all into laymen’s terms. Thank you Clair.) I have 3 copies so I can have one with me everywhere I go.

And, I travel with a tennis ball. (You’ll know what I mean when you read the book – do not skip the into.)

Did reflexology work? Absolutely, but remember, reflexology is not focused on muscles.

Although the reflex points certainly offered relief, and I was happy to have it, in my case the reflexology worked best as a compliment to the other modalities.

Here’s a link to Davies book and a few others that I think are good. I’ve also included a DVD in the list.


The Trigger Point Workbook

The Frozen Shoulder Workbook

Natural & Herb remedies for Carpal Tunnel

End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery


Heal Your Wrist Pain

I hope you’ve enjoyed your reflexology news. Please tell a friend to sign up so we can share the best with the rest.

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