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Thursday, May. 20th, 2009
Vol. IV, Issue 17

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- Feature Article: Reflexology with Heart

- A Note from the Professor: Graduation!

- Upcoming Classes: Intro to Foot Reflexology

- The Professor Recommends: The Foot Factor Program

- Marketplace & Helpful Hints:
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A Note From the Professor

Lots more happy hands in the world today... I've just completed the last of my 2009 Professional Training Programs in HAND Reflexology.

Students said they "felt more confident" and found it "much easier to work on the hands" after taking this 50 hour - 6 day intensive training.

As always, we shared much more than reflexology, we shared business tips and lots of ”real life” reflexology experiences.

reflexology classThis group will be first in line to test for the American Reflexology Certification Board’s NEW Hand Reflexology Certification Exam – coming into being very soon.

Congratulations to an excellent, and now experienced, group of Hand Reflexology practitioners.

I’ve mentioned before that Hand Reflexology is a large part of my practice and come summertime there are more people who are looking for stress reduction from the many sports activities that require use of your hands – golfing, tennis, baseball - to name a few...

And, there’s always a constant supply of hands-in-need from those who work with computers or who play musical instruments.

I’ve often thought that it would be a great career strategy to set up shop at a symphony rehearsal space or outside a sports locker room.

I’m too busy to do that, but those who are looking to advance their careers - you might consider marketing to these populations.

And remember, it’s all about the quality of life.

Now, thanks to everyone who is passing the word along:

In my last newsletter I asked you to pass the word along, and now over 1,000 folks from around the world are getting the latest reflexology information.

That’s a lot of people who know and love reflexology but, I want the news to reach even more. I want reflexology to inspire, motivate and challenge twice this number at least.”

My mission this year - to deliver great reflexology news to at least 2009 people by the end of the year. I’m calling it 2009 in 2009.

Will you help?

Send them this free newsletter and tell them to sign up for it (I can’t do it for you) or send them to the website www.reflexologyprof.com or the new blog reflexologysuccess.com.

Reflexology Blog

Someone wrote to me because they thought they had to pay for all this great reflexology information. I assured them that it’s the best reflexology deal in the world because it’s f*r*e*e.

Have a great summer.

Live Long, Reflex and Prosper,

Wendy Coad

Wendy I. Coad, "The Reflexology Professor"
Creator the Mega Reflexology Training

Email: info@ReflexologyProf.com
Call (800) 875-1773 or (646) 456-0000


Classes and Workshops

Last Week's TELESEMINAR was a huge success!

The FREE Reflexology Info Tele-seminar
Thursday, May14, 2009, 7pm.

Irene Mykoliw, OT gave an amazing talk on last week’s teleseminar.

She shared her experiences and secrets about working with the “developmentally delayed” babies using reflexology as one of her most successful tools.

It was an inspiring conversation. A special thanks to Irene for sharing – everyone loved it.

I’m working on having a recording of this (and other teleseminars) archived for play-back on my reflexology site: www.reflexologysuccess.com

The Next Foot Reflexology Certificate Training
Program – starts in August!

Lots of room left in this class, but don’t wait too long. There’s plenty of interest. I’m excited because it’ll be taught at the New York Open Center’s NEW LOCATION.

This is the next of my 2009 Professional Certification Program in Foot Reflexology that I teach every year in New York City.

Reflexology is one of the most practical, efficient and effective holistic health practices of today. It’s easy to learn and its stress-relieving techniques are enjoyed around the world. , Reflexology promotes relaxation, may aid circulation and assist muscular and nerve function by supporting the body’s own healing process. , Join us to learn these popular health techniques based primarily on the system developed by American osteopathic physician William Fitzgerald.

Special features of this program:

INTRODUCTION TO FOOT REFLEXOLOGY – the first 2 days of a 6 – 9 month program

Learn how to help yourself and others with the soothing relaxation techniques and healing wisdom that is the core of all Reflexology practice.

A Six-Day Intensive Workshop

Thursday through Tuesday, August 20 – 25th
No Prerequisites
For further information or to enroll, please call 212.219.2527 ext 2.

Note: Program Tuition does not include books, material fees, private tutorials or sessions received.Please bring a towel and sheet to each class.

Wendy Coad, MFA, RPP, LMT, ARCB Certified, is a former Director of the American Reflexology Certification Board. She has been an educator for over 25 years and teaches Master classes in Reflexology and Bodywork. She has a private practice in NYC and Miami. www.ReflexologyProf.com

Email: info@reflexologyprof.com
Call (800) 875-1773 or (646) 456-0000
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Feature Article

Reflexology with Heart

I notice more and more that people are experiencing varying degrees of pain in the heart reflex area.

Can reflexology answer the question – why?

From the moment it begins beating until the moment it stops, the human heart works tirelessly. In an average lifetime, the heart beats more than two and a half billion times without ever pausing to rest. Like a pumping machine, the heart provides the power needed for life.

This life-sustaining power has, throughout time, caused an air of mystery to surround the heart. Modern technology has removed some of the mystery, but there is still an air of fascination and curiosity.

Your heart is about the size of your fist. As the body develops, the heart grows at the same rate as the fist. So an infant's heart and fist are about the same size at birth.

(And, maybe that’s why there’s such a great connection to the heart through Hand Reflexology!)


The human heart is primarily a shell. There are four cavities, or open spaces, inside the heart that fill with blood.

Two of these cavities are called atria. The other two are called ventricles. The two atria form the curved top of the heart. The ventricles meet at the bottom of the heart to form a pointed base which points toward the left side of your chest. The left ventricle contracts most forcefully, so you can best feel your heart pumping on the left side of your chest – where the strongest part of the heart muscle is.

The left side of the heart houses one atrium and one ventricle. The right side of the heart houses the others. A wall, called the septum, separates the right and left sides of the heart. A valve connects each atrium to the ventricle below it. The mitral valve connects the left atrium with the left ventricle. The tricuspid valve connects the right atrium with the right ventricle.

The top of the heart connects to our largest blood vessels - the aorta, or main artery - which carries nutrient-rich blood away from the heart.

the heartAnother important vessel is the pulmonary artery which connects the heart with the lungs (carrying blood away from the heart and to the lungs) as part of the pulmonary circulation system.

The largest vein that carries blood into the heart is the vena cava. There’s a superior vena cava, located near the top of the heart. The inferior vena cava is larger and located beneath the superior.

The heart's structure makes it an efficient, never-ceasing pump. From the moment of development through the moment of death, the heart pumps. The heart, therefore, has to be strong.

The average heart's muscle, called cardiac muscle, contracts and relaxes about 70 to 80 times per minute without you ever having to think about it.

As the cardiac muscle contracts it pushes blood through its chambers and out into the vessels.

Nerves connected to the heart regulate the speed with which the muscle contracts.
You’ve probably noticed that when you run, your heart pumps more quickly, and, when you sleep, your heart pumps more slowly.

Considering how much work it has to do, the heart is surprisingly small. The average adult heart is about the size of a clenched fist and weighs about 11 ounces (310 grams).

Located in the middle of the chest behind the breastbone, between the lungs, the heart rests in a moistened chamber called the pericardial cavity which is surrounded by the ribcage.

The diaphragm, a tough layer of muscle, lies below. As a result, the heart is well protected.

Listen to the Lub-Dub

When you go for a checkup, your doctor uses a stethoscope to listen carefully to your heart. A healthy heart makes a lub-dub sound with each beat. This sound comes from the valves shutting on the blood inside the heart.

The first sound (the lub) happens when the mitral and tricuspid valves close. The next sound (the dub) happens when the aortic and pulmonary valves close after the blood has been squeezed out of the heart.

Pretty Cool — It's My Pulse!

Even though your heart is inside you, there is a cool way to know it's working from the outside. It's your pulse. You can find your pulse by lightly pressing on the skin anywhere there's a large artery running just beneath your skin.

Two good places to find it are

Plus, we have 2 pulse points on the feet. One is on the dorsum, close to the crease of the ankle and the other is behind the medial malleolus (your ankle bone).

You'll know that you've found your pulse when you can feel a small beat under your skin.

Each beat is caused by the contraction (squeezing) of your heart. If you want to find out what your heart rate is, use a watch with a second hand and count how many beats you feel in 1 minute. When you are resting, you will probably feel between 70 and 100 beats per minute.


What about Heart disease?

There are many types of heart disease. About 25% of all Americans have one or more types of cardiovascular disease.

The major types of heart disease are atherosclerosis, coronary, rheumatic, congenital, myocarditis, angina and arrhythmia.

Heart disease can arise from congenital defects, infection, narrowing of the coronary arteries, high blood pressure, or a variety of other disturbances.

What do some people recommend for a healthy heart from heart-healthy diets and “Grandma’s home remedies”

What can Reflexology do?

Before you even think of anything else, if you have a heart disease or you think you might – go and see your doctor.

Reflexology is never a substitute for medical treatment.

reflexology on the feetAlso, if you are not sure if reflexology will be helpful for someone who has a heart disease, you must first check with their medical professional.

Now, the reflex to the heart is found on the head of the first metatarsal, bilaterally. (The reflex area also includes the base of the proximal phalanx of the hallux and the metacarpalphalangeal joint – the MPJ.)

The reflexes to the lungs sit next to the heart on the heads of metatarsals 2-4. The heart and lungs are often grouped together because they work together to get oxygen, the fuel of the cells, into the blood.

And, pain is sometimes experienced in this area on the foot. Does that mean there are problems in the organs?

No… not at all. We’re not in the business of diagnosing and it’s dangerous to assume what you don’t really know. (That’s true in life as well!)

When my client experiences pain in a particular reflex area, yes, I am curious. But I know the body operates on many levels and that things are going on simultaneously on the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual levels.

Even though 1 out of every 4 people have a heart disease, there are many more who have experienced a “heart ache” or whose “heart goes out to everyone”.

Regardless of the “cause”, I do what reflexologists do. I detail the area and I stay within the client’s pain threshold.

If you’re providing the type of reflexology that’s most helpful to stress relief (western), it’s very important to create a session that is soothing and will be relaxing by inducing the parasympathic nervous system response.

Be firm, yet gentle with that heart reflex. Our hearts are heroic and hard working organs and they’re due the utmost respect – even on the distant reflex area.

But what if there’s a corn or a bunion on that reflex area?

Reflexology is not in the business of addressing foot pathologies either, that’s best left to others whose job it is.

Having said that, my experience based on what clients report (as a byproduct of the reflexology even though), I’m not treating the foot, many aches and pains dissipate or disappear completely.

Do their “heartaches” disappear too?

I can’t speak for them, but clients do report comfort. And, I’m sure that the presence of a compassionate person, whose main goal is to “listen to the feet” and to hold the space for healing to occurs, can have a profound impact on the body, mind, spirit.

Be kind and patient with the heart and nurture your own, it is working tirelessly on your behalf.

I invite you to try this - bring your hand to your heart right now and tell it how much you love it. If that’s seems too silly or hard to do – ask yourself why.

Is reflexology good for the heart? Yes, and if you check with a physician in cases of advanced or debilitating illness and they give you approval to work, absolutely.

Healing occurs on many levels and reflexology can be a gift to all.

© Wendy I. Coad

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Here’s a heartfelt thought by Lord Byron:

"The best and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen. not touched... but are felt in the heart."

@ Wendy I. Coad


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Marketplace and Helpful Hints

More Support and Helpful Hints

Here’s a question posed to the Reflexology Professor:

“Hello Wendy,

I loved the article. It happened this weekend that my new client could not handle having the big toe worked on. She said that when I touched the pad of the big toe, left side, it made her nauseous. She had headaches for five days and took Advil five hours before the session and did not have a headache when I started the session.

I haven't experienced this before. Any suggestions?


It sounds like this client had a headache for 5 days! It might be that the Advil interrupted it for a few hours and then it came back, or it didn’t really go away.

My advice to anyone who’s had a headache for 5 days is to see their doctor. I’m assuming that’s been done here.

In answer to your question: I haven't experienced this before. Any suggestions?

I’ve had many clients whose symptoms have returned… that’s what symptoms often do.

Commonly people expect that if they do or try something once, their problem with disappear forever.

Not so.

Healing can be a process and often symptoms that recur, will still do just that... recur.

Once any medical problem has been checked by a doctor, our reflexology goal is to offer stress reduction and support for the body in its own healing processes.

This can often take time and the best approach is to monitor the frequency and severity of the symptoms, ie., are they becoming less frequent, or are they less severe or more over time?

This is important, because if the symptoms are not lessening – they may need to seek other professional help.

If the symptoms do decrease, then something must be working.
It’s always unwanted and mostly unpleasant when a symptom recurs, but it’s not unusual.

A “healing crisis” can express itself as an intense recurrence of symptoms, and it takes a little time and some patience to know which way things are headed.

Since the writer sent only sketchy details for me to respond to, ie., no mention of client history or how long the headache lasted after the session, I suggest you keep your client notes updated. And if they choose to continue reflexology for stress relief, inform them that since it’s not a treatment for any pathology, symptoms are not guaranteed to disappear.

When I met my husband, he was having a migraine headache every week. These were the blinding, nauseating kind that would cause him agony.

He was a skeptic when it came to reflexology, but he still enjoyed his sessions.

Soon he was having one migraine a month and then later, one a year.

I think now he has only experience one migraine in the last 5 years!

Can I say that reflexology caused this change? It sure seems to be a factor but even if I cannot claim directly it was because of my work, however… “it happened while on my watch”.

And, we’re both happy with that.:)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your reflexology news. Please tell a friend to sign up so we can share the best with the rest.

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