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Thursday, June, 4th, 2009
Vol. IV, Issue 18

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- Feature Article:
Reflexology and Dupuytyren’s

- A Note from the Professor: Reflexology is like a symphony

- Upcoming Classes: Intro to Foot Reflexology

- The Professor Recommends: The Foot Factor Program

- Marketplace & Helpful Hints:
A Few Good Books

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A Note From the Professor

A few weeks ago I was explaining reflexology to one of my new students. Reflexology can sometimes be hard to describe – it’s much easier to understand it when you actually feel it.

But, I came up with what I thought was a good analogy.

Since we were in New York City at the time – I likened reflexology to the differences between the sounds of the city and great music.

It occurred to me that sound is all around us – like the neighbors, construction, traffic and people just yelling on the street (or off the street for that matter).

And, it’s these same sounds that when organized can produce a brilliant piece of music – one that can quite literally change your life – like a Gregorian chant, a work by Beethoven or Louis Armstrong.

Well, the same could be said about touch too. There’s touch all around us, jostling and bumping into us.

But just like great music, when you organize touch or when it’s orchestrated into very distinct patterns (and then applied to distinct parts of the body – hands, face, ears and feet) – this safe, compassionate touch can transcend the ordinary and achieve the sublime.

Reflexology is this kind of organized touch (as well as being safe and compassionate), and it truly can help the body organize itself in its own healing processes.

It’s art… it’s life… it’s healing… it’s all about the quality of life.


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Have a great summer.

Live Long, Reflex and Prosper,

Wendy Coad

Wendy I. Coad, "The Reflexology Professor"
Creator the Mega Reflexology Training

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Classes and Workshops

The Next Foot Reflexology Certificate Training
Program – starts in August!

Lots of room left in this class, but don’t wait too long. There’s plenty of interest. I’m excited because it’ll be taught at the New York Open Center’s NEW LOCATION.

This is the next of my 2009 Professional Certification Program in Foot Reflexology that I teach every year in New York City.

Reflexology is one of the most practical, efficient and effective holistic health practices of today. It’s easy to learn and its stress-relieving techniques are enjoyed around the world. , Reflexology promotes relaxation, may aid circulation and assist muscular and nerve function by supporting the body’s own healing process. , Join us to learn these popular health techniques based primarily on the system developed by American osteopathic physician William Fitzgerald.

Special features of this program:

INTRODUCTION TO FOOT REFLEXOLOGY – the first 2 days of a 6 – 9 month program

Learn how to help yourself and others with the soothing relaxation techniques and healing wisdom that is the core of all Reflexology practice.

A Six-Day Intensive Workshop

Thursday through Tuesday, August 20 – 25th
No Prerequisites
For further information or to enroll, please call 212.219.2527 ext 2.

Note: Program Tuition does not include books, material fees, private tutorials or sessions received.Please bring a towel and sheet to each class.

Wendy Coad, MFA, RPP, LMT, ARCB Certified, is a former Director of the American Reflexology Certification Board. She has been an educator for over 25 years and teaches Master classes in Reflexology and Bodywork. She has a private practice in NYC and Miami. www.ReflexologyProf.com

Email: info@reflexologyprof.com
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Feature Article

Reflexology & Dupuytren’s Contracture

I first noticed Dupuytren’s Contracture on my Mom’s hands many years ago. Now, I’ve just noticed it on a dear client, whom I see regularly. Like a lot of things that are not life threatening, it is often left to take its own course.

First, let’s look at what Dupuytren’s Contracture is:

hand reflexologyA condition where the layer of connective tissue under the skin of the palm of the hand thickens and shrinks, which can cause the fingers to bend in to the palms. The bent fingers are usually unable to be fully straightened.

The ring finger and little finger are the fingers most commonly affected. The middle finger may be affected in advanced cases, but the index finger and the thumb are nearly always spared. Dupuytren's contracture progresses slowly and is usually painless.

The palmer fascia is a thick tissue that lies above the tendons and below the skin of the hand. The fascia is attached both to the skin above and to structures below. The palmer fascia helps provide a tough, gripping surface for the hand and fingers.

In a person with this condition the tissues of the hands thicken and shorten so that the tendons connected to the fingers cannot move freely.

Causes Dupuytren's contracture:

My Mom had none of these issues prior to her fingers bending, so the above is just a list to get you started.

Clinical symptoms:

Dupuytren’s contracture treatment:

Risk factors and facts:

What happens if you have no treatment?

Some "Home Remedies" that others have suggested:

What can Reflexology do?

As always, before you even think of anything else, if you have a disease or you think you might – go and see your doctor.

hand reflexologyReflexology is never a substitute for medical treatment.

Dupuytren’s Contracture is commonly found affecting the palmer fascia and the tendons beneath the 4th & 5th digits. This is the area in reflexology known as Zones 4 & 5.

As a reflexologist, I would be mostly curious about the whole body especially in the areas that are represented along zones 4 & 5, including the shoulders, hips, legs and knees.

My Mom’s knees weakened to the point where she would fall and several times she broke her pelvis. (No, people with Dupuytren’s Contracture do not all experience this, so don’t go there.)

Spleen and gallbladder reflexes are also in line here.

Does that mean there could be problems there too?

Not at all, but I would be curious and pay attention to all the issues in the body.

You might be thinking “but, what about the hands?” Because, “if we’re working on the hands directly, won’t that help?”

That’s the great thing about reflexology, there are always fringe benefits and relaxation both locally and globally can have a wonderful impact on both the local site and the whole body.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Remember to stay within your scope of practice and refer the client for acupuncture, massage, chiropractics. etc., where applicable.

And, always stay within your client’s pain threshold. Everyone I’ve worked on with Dupuytren’s contracture has reported comfort.

Once again, the presence of a compassionate person, whose main goal is to “listen to the hands” can have a profound impact on the body, mind, spirit.

Working on the hands connects us directly with the heart. Safe, compassionate touch will nurture anyone.

Could reflexology be good for Dupuytren’s contracture? My opinion is yes.

You may not reverse the slow and steady progress of the disease… that would be more effectively done by other modalities.

But with reflexology, we definitely offer the whole body a relaxation effect that could help on so many levels.

© Wendy I. Coad

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Here’s a heartfelt thought by Lord Byron:

"The best and most beautiful thing in the world cannot be seen. not touched... but are felt in the heart."

@ Wendy I. Coad


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Marketplace and Helpful Hints

More Support and Helpful Hints

I only recommend things here that trust and know will be good.

Well, there are 2 books, one old and one new that I want to share with you.

Let’s start with the new – it’s Chris Issel’s new book Eunice Ingham: A Biography.

For those of you who don’t know Chris, well, where have you been? And if you haven’t heard about Eunice, whom I call the goddess of reflexology, then, you shouldn’t be calling yourself a reflexologist. She’s that important to the history of the profession.

And, Chris is just a powerhouse of reflexology information, legislation, research and history.

Although I haven’t read it yet myself, I have no doubt that it’s an exciting read. So, check this out:

~ Eunice Ingham: A Biography by Christine Issel. Order by July 31, 2009 and save 30%! The cost is $20 which includes shipping - retail cost will be $25 plus shipping. Books may be ordered from: New Frontier Publishing, PO Box 246654, Sacramento CA 95824 ~

One of my other favorite books and one that I read to my class from is:

“Healing from the Heart” by Dr. Mehmet Oz

This is an earlier book by Oprah’s favorite MD, Dr. Oz, and there are several references to reflexology in the index, including a great story on a heart patient and Dr. Oz’s success at some basic reflexology to help his young patient recover from surgery. It’s very exciting for reflexologists to read:

Here's the Amazon link:

Dr. Ozz

Both are excellent books and would make any reflexologist happy.

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Wendy Coad

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