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Thursday, June, 18th, 2009
Vol. IV, Issue 20

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- Feature Article: Reflexology & The Lymph

- A Note from the Professor: Opportunity Knocks

- Upcoming Classes: Intro & Basic Foot Reflexology

- The Professor Recommends: The Foot Factor Program

- Marketplace & Helpful Hints:
Another Great Question

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A Note From the Professor

I’m still floating from the fabulous "road trip" that I mentioned I was embarking on with my husband Steve (… a few newsletters back).

We drove from New York to Florida along some spectacular scenery and rested in some gorgeous spots along the way.

It was a trip to remember.

This truly is a great country, and one day I envision reflexology being practiced all over it.

I would definitely include the road-weary in that vision as well (that might be a good business to set up - a reflexology practice at a rest&food station).

Now, I’m taking some time to reflect on all that’s been happening in my reflexology practice and teaching over the first half of the year and all the great things that are shaping up for the second half.

I’ll certainly keep you posted.

For those of you who have put your practice on the "back-shelf", you’ll be heartened to read the following email message sent by a former student. You never know when and where there’ll be a knock on the door of opportunity.

Read on...

Hi Wendy,

I have not been doing reflexology that much at the moment, but I have to tell you.

My boss is having serious insomnia problems for several weeks.

In the past when he spoke about reflexology he said he did not believe in it. But since he was desperate he let me do reflexology at the end of the day and even in between his patients.

The next day he said "I don't know what happened but I slept 9 hours last night".

Now he is recommending me to people and I will most likely start reflexing on a part time basis again.

The power of reflexology reigns again!!!!

Yours truly,

- N.

I love to hear about your reflexology successes and questions. Please do send them in. I’ll answer another question at the end of todays newsletter.

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Reflexology Blog

Someone wrote to me because they thought they had to pay for all this great reflexology information. I assured them that it’s the best reflexology deal in the world because it’s f*r*e*e.

Have a great summer.

Live Long, Reflex and Prosper,

Wendy Coad

Wendy I. Coad, "The Reflexology Professor"
Creator the Mega Reflexology Training

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Classes and Workshops

The Next Foot Reflexology Certificate Training
Program – starts in August!

Lots of room left in this class, but don’t wait too long. There’s plenty of interest. I’m excited because it’ll be taught at the New York Open Center’s NEW LOCATION.

This is the next of my 2009 Professional Certification Program in Foot Reflexology that I teach every year in New York City.

Reflexology is one of the most practical, efficient and effective holistic health practices of today. It’s easy to learn and its stress-relieving techniques are enjoyed around the world. , Reflexology promotes relaxation, may aid circulation and assist muscular and nerve function by supporting the body’s own healing process. , Join us to learn these popular health techniques based primarily on the system developed by American osteopathic physician William Fitzgerald.

Special features of this program:

INTRODUCTION TO FOOT REFLEXOLOGY – the first 6 days of a 6 – 9 month program

Learn how to help yourself and others with the soothing relaxation techniques and healing wisdom that is the core of all Reflexology practice.

A Six-Day Intensive Workshop

Thursday through Tuesday, August 20 – 25th
No Prerequisites
For further information or to enroll, please call 212.219.2527 ext 2.

Note: Program Tuition does not include books, material fees, private tutorials or sessions received.Please bring a towel and sheet to each class.

Wendy Coad, MFA, RPP, LMT, ARCB Certified, is a former Director of the American Reflexology Certification Board. She has been an educator for over 25 years and teaches Master classes in Reflexology and Bodywork. She has a private practice in NYC and Miami. www.ReflexologyProf.com

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Feature Article

Reflexology & the Lymphatic System

Most of us have experienced 'swollen glands' at one time or another. But many people don't understand what glands are, or what they do. Properly called lymph glands — or to be really accurate lymph nodes — the glands are part of a network of tiny vessels known as the lymphatic system.

What the lymphatic system is...

lymphatic systemThis system is rather like the system of blood vessels that supplies all parts of the body. However instead of blood, the lymph vessels carry a clear, straw-colored fluid — lymph. This fluid originates in the bloodstream and seeps through the walls of tiny blood vessels. It bathes and nourishes the body's tissues. It collects in the lymphatic vessels and eventually returns to the bloodstream.

The lymphatic system serves as one of the body's defenses against infection.

Lymph glands

Along the lymph vessels are small bean-shaped lymph glands or 'nodes'. You can probably feel some of your lymph nodes.

There are lymph nodes

• Under your arms, in your armpits
• In the groin area (at the top of your legs)
• In your neck
There are also lymph nodes that you cannot feel in
• Your abdomen
• Your pelvis
• Your chest

Other organs that are part of the lymphatic system are:

Spleen - The spleen is under your ribs on the left side of your body. Some important functions of the spleen are to produce white blood cells and the filtering of lymph fluid.

Thymus - The thymus is a small gland under your breast bone. The thymus helps to mature white blood cells. It is usually most active in teenagers and shrinks in adulthood.

Tonsils - The tonsils are two glands in the back of your throat. The tonsils and adenoids (also called the 'nasopharyngeal' tonsils) help to protect the entrance to the digestive system and the lungs from bacteria and viruses.

Adenoids - The adenoids are at the back of your nose, where it meets the back of your throat.

What the lymphatic system does

How does lymphatic system works

The lymph nodes (glands) are collections of tissue along the lymphatic vessels. They contain large numbers of cells called macrophages and lymphocytes. These cells act as scavengers, killing and removing harmful invaders such as bacteria and viruses.

When this happens the number of cells in the node increases rapidly. This may cause the node to swell, become tender and, sometimes, red.

The main areas where this is noticeable are the neck, groin and axilla (armpit). Thus an infected finger might result in swollen glands in the armpit on that side. The very obvious swollen glands in the neck of a child with tonsillitis are a common sight for many parents.

As well as dealing with infections, lymph glands also trap cancer cells, reducing their spread through the body.

Sometimes the lymphatic system itself is the primary target for cancer. A disease called Hodgkin's disease is a common form of this type of cancer and shows up with persistent and quite hard swollen glands.

Swollen glands are common. If they 'come and go' there is usually nothing to worry about. But if glands remain enlarged for a week or more, with no obvious cause such as a local infection, ask your doctor to look at them, in case they are a sign of something more serious.

Diseases of the lymphatic system

Lymphedema is the swelling caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid, which may occur if the lymphatic system is damaged or has malformations.

An estimated 170 million people develop lymphedema, which progresses in three stages:

Stage 1: Pressing the swollen limb leaves a pit that takes a while to fill back in. Because there is little fibrosis (hardening) it is often reversible. Elevation reduces swelling.

Stage 2: Pressure does not leave a pit. Elevation does not help. If left untreated, the limb becomes fibrotic.

Stage 3: This stage of lymphedema is often called elephantiasis. It is generally only in the legs after lymphedema that has gone long untreated. While treatment can help a little, it is not reversible.

Some common causes of swollen lymph nodes include infections, infectious mononucleosis, and cancer, e.g. Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and metastasis of cancerous cells via the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic System, Exercise & Yoga

Most people take their lymphatic system for granted.

What “media/press” the lymphatic system does get often appears when it causes an unpleasant side effect called lymphedema - a potentially disabling condition that can sometimes arise following a mastectomy.

As per theory of Yoga "Lymphedema is not something you can cure, you have to manage it. Doing yoga every day helps undo the effects of sitting and standing for long periods of time."

Doctors in exercise physiology, explains that any form of exercise that incorporates major muscle groups and deep breathing will encourage lymph flow.

Muscle movement squeezes lymph vessels. The fluid is then moved toward the subclavian veins near the heart. One-way valves in the lymph vessels prevent the fluid from moving backwards, away from the heart.

Deep breathing is especially beneficial because breathing muscles squeeze the lymphatic thoracic duct, which dumps most of the body's lymph into the bloodstream.

One form of exercise that seems especially beneficial for the lymph movement is rebounding, which involves jumping or jogging on a mini-trampoline.

And, don’t forget that walking, plain and simple, is one of the best forms of exercise - that just about everyone can do.

What Can Reflexology Do for the Lymphatic System?

Well, I’ve long been a believer in the benefits of reflexology to the body and especially the lymphatic system.

The only other organ system of the body with miles of vessels is the circulatory system, and it’s advantage is the heart which acts as a pump to move it’s fluids throughout.

The lymphatic system has no such pump and relies largely upon muscle movement to keep things moving.

And the flow of the lymphatic system’s fluid does not move in a circle. As mentioned above, this system is comprised of “dead-end” or one-way vessels that rely on tiny “flap valves” (on the inside of the vessel), to keep the flow of lymph moving only one-way - towards the heart.

There is no pump anywhere in the lymph system, and the fingers and toes are the furthest distances for the fluid to flow back to the heart.

However, it’s inherent in our gently thumb and finger walking compression to support all the fluid tides, including the lymph.

I say inherent, because the focus of reflexology is not to move fluids, it’s just another fringe benefit of our techniques.

Imagine what a great help this would be to anybody, and especially to a body that’s involved in working on its own system defense.

As a reflexologist, I will always be careful not to treat, diagnose or prescribe. If someone is ill and they have not seen a doctor, make sure they are referred to a medical practitioner.

When a client has a lot of sensitivity at any of the immune system reflexes - the spleen, the thymus, the axillary lymph or the groin lymph reflex points - I might ask them how they’ve been feeling and if they’ve recently experienced any seasonal colds or flu’s.

That’s such a great and general question because it will get the conversation started based of what they tell you and not what you tell them (which would be a diagnosis).

Conversation or not, I’ll still detail the reflexes to the specific area of sensitivity (but within the client’s pain threshold) and will almost always include detailing on all the lymphatic system reflexes.

Remember, the lymphatic system is a large part of the immune system and maintaining both is optimum for health and well-being.

And, yes, I believe that reflexology profoundly supports not just the lymphatic system, but all the organs and systems of the body.

Again, be curious about where the body is “calling for energy”, and know that reflexology will support the body in its own healing processes – the never ending impulse towards homeostasis.

Reflexology offers the whole body relaxation, and the effects of our work can be helpful on so many levels.

© Wendy I. Coad

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A powerful quote from Marianne Williamson:

"And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

@ Wendy I. Coad


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Marketplace and Helpful Hints

More Support and Helpful Hints

Here’s an great question that was sent to me recently:

Hi Wendy,

I worked on a client yesterday who went to sleep during the session.

While she was asleep on the bed she raised her hand for about 5 minutes and the snapped her fingers then lowered her hand.

How do you explain this?

Should I read anything into this or is it because she was that relaxed?


Hi Roger,

While I haven’t had that exact experience, I have noticed that people do engage in movements when they sleep. Restless leg syndrome is a common example.

Your client might have been dreaming of hearing music and snapped her fingers to the beat, or, maybe she was getting the waiters’ attention in a restaurant in Paris.

There is an easy way to find the right answer however, and I call it “ask the expert”.

Whenever there’s a client and a reflexologist in a room, I consider one of them to be the expert regarding the client’s health and actions.

Which one is it?

It’s definitely the client. They’re the expert regarding their health and actions.

So, how do you “ask the expert” what’s going on.

It’s easy - just state the facts.

I suggest you DO NOT give your interpretation initially. This is very important.

Information gathering is best addressed in the moment, but afterwards is okay too.

Here’s how the conversation might go…

“I’m noticing your hand lifting (fact). What’s going on for you?”

Now, if the client doesn’t respond, they’re most likely asleep. (And, I don’t wake anyone up to find out if they’re relaxing!)

If they say they weren’t aware of it, I make light of it (for example, I might say, “oh, maybe you were a conductor in another life”).

You get the point.

If they’re aware of it, then, they can tell you what it means.

It’s more important for me to find out what it means to them (the client – who has the right answer) than it is for me to speculate on 1001 possibilities.

If it is something that warrants a conversation, let the client direct it initially.

That doesn’t mean you can’t add your opinion or expertise.

It just means that you’ll start closer to the facts. And, not be embarrassed by a wildly off the mark assumption that you might risk making.

If you want to check in afterwards instead of in the moment, you could say, “I noticed your hand lifting during the session, were you aware of it? If no, return to the “conductor-in-a-past-life” comment. If, they answer yes, you might ask, “What was going on for you?”

Enjoy your wonderful reflexology skills, and unless you’re the “psychic reflexologist” (and I know there are a few of you who are) trust me, it’s still safer to leave the initial interpretation to “the expert”

Thanks again for your question – it’s certainly something that we all will experience at one time or another.

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Wendy Coad

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