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Friday, Feb. 6th, 2009
Vol. IV, Issue 5

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- Feature Article: Part of a Special Journey

- A Note from the Professor: Groundhog - 0, Networking - 10!

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A Note From the Professor

Last week I facilitated a wonderful networking event. It was held at the New York Open Center (a fabulous holistic education center in the heart of the city), where I teach some of my reflexology classes.

It was a cold night and I wondered how many people would come out in the wind and snow.

As it turned out the event was packed, full of the most amazing group of holistic practitioners and like-minded people – all looking to connect and enjoy meeting each other.

The mix included body-workers, consultants and holistic health practitioners: acupuncturists, reconnection therapists, nutritionists, coaches, channelers, medical intuitives... to name a few.

And, there was a great turn out of reflexologists (who I congratulate for showing up to promote their businesses). This is the group I would bet on to do well in their practices.

One of the best ways to build a private practice is by referrals (for some businesses it’s better than anything else). Everyone can be a potential referral source.

networkIf you go to an event, don’t forget to bring lots of your business cards and if you find a few people you’d like to keep in touch with, do so by email, phone calls or by conference calling, if more than one person.

This kind of group creates a "Master Mind" a business entity that is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s an important concept, and I'll be referring to again.

I’ve said this to all my classes: If you’re in business for yourself, I don’t care how much you’ve paid for your education, the one thing that everyone needs to do is to network with people both in your field and outside of it.

Referrals are the best way to get clients and a referral to another practitioner will always pay itself back to you (although not always in the way you think).

The next time the Open Center has a networking event, I suggest you attend. It will be good for your business soul.

Know what I mean when I say: “we reflexologists may not claim to do the healing but we sure support the space for the healing to occur”!

Every day we see little victories with our reflexology. The big ones, of course, get our attention but it’s the little ones are the "foot soldiers" of our profession.

To understand what I mean see today's article "Reflexology & Cancer: Part of a Special Journey"

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Happy “Reflexing”,


Wendy I. Coad, “The Reflexology Professor”
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Feature Article

REFLEXOLOGY & CANCER: Part of a Special Journey

As you already know, reflexology is being used more and more as a complementary modality to offer stress relief and relaxation for a wide range of health issues.

I mentioned in a previous newsletter, that I use hand reflexology as the primary reflexology site for a client with Alzheimer’s and one with serious scarring from burns to the skin.

Just recently I received a student report detailing how hand reflexology helped a woman with cancer get some relief from the side effects of her cancer treatment regimen.

I’ve said over and over again that we have such power in our hands to help people have a better quality of life.

The following report journals the struggles and the ups and downs of cancer. I think it powerfully documents the moments of respite and the little victories, ones that we can all be grateful for.

And, it offers a timeline in the life of 2 people, the reflexologist and the patient.
The patient has been given the endearing name ‘‘client’’ (Yes, I really do mean that as an endearment).

I pose this question to my students: How did reflexology help your ‘client’ have a better quality of life?

Here’s how one student responded...

"A friend told me about this lady who had cancer and her MD at Sloan Kettering Hospital suggested she have reflexology done on her hands and feet to help with neuropathy...

The lady had received her last chemo therapy session two weeks before I met her. She was diagnosed with a high grade uterine cancer six months before that.

The lady was having pain and discomfort in her hands and feet from neuropathy which was caused by the [anti] cancer medication.

[Note that her doctor recommended reflexology, which is the right order in which to proceed. - WC]

She was very tired, and had lost all of her body and head hair. After working on the client's hands for an hour, she said her left hand felt “totally good,” and her right hand felt better than her left.

2nd session:

During the second session when I pressed on the descending colon reflex [left palm, ulnar side of carpals], the client had intense sensitivity. She said she had a very invasive kind of surgery on [her] colon five months before.

After this session, ‘client’ said she was “very relaxed” and that reflexology was helping her a lot.

3rd session:

At the next session I noticed a lot of crunchiness on tips of fingers of both hands. ‘client’ said that was from the chemo treatment… After this session ‘client’ said her hands felt very relaxed, they felt wonderful, and they had no pain.

4th session:

At the 4th session 'client' felt tired. She had radiation on [her] pelvic area three days before. Her hands and feet had neuropathy. After I asked the 'client' what she would like from this session she said "relaxation, to relax her hands and to feel good about her hands."

She said her left hand felt [more numbness] than the right hand today but reflexology had brought back the feeling. She said she hopes having reflexology will help with the side effects from radiation.

Today she had [adhesions] on all finger tips, which I worked on,

6th session:

At the 6th session 'client' was very tired, she goes daily for radiation. Her blood count was better than it [had been].

The client said that the [thumb-walking] on a few areas of the hands felt very good.
After working on the left hand the client said it felt looser, it had more feeling, and it had no pain.

After working on her right hand, 'client' said she was very tired but her hand felt wonderful.

7th session:hands

'Client' felt very tired. She was on a special bland diet and was losing weight because of this. Her hair was growing back.

She was receiving radiation in the digestive area. There was [a change in tissue texture] on the digestive reflex area (carpals) and adrenal reflex area (shaft of 1st metacarpal, ulnar side).

'Client' wanted all of [her] body to feel and be relaxed.

After the session, she said her left hand felt very fluid. It had no pain and both right and left hands felt relaxed.

8th session:

Client said she would like help with neuropathy and calmness. She did not feel good and she felt weak.

After the sessions, she said her left hand felt soft, relaxed and had no pain and the right hand felt good.

9th session:

It has been two weeks since the last session and the client said her hands missed having reflexology. The client was weak and tired. She had radiation on her intestines and she had sensitivity on her lower abdomen area.

She had neuropathy on her hands. After the session both hands felt "good, relaxed and had no pain."

10th session:

Client said she was extremely weak and tired and described it to be like an all consuming kind of thing.

She said she would like help with the neuropathy in her hands.

After her session, she said her left hand felt "healthy, nothing hurt, hand felt fluid", and she said "what a nice hand". Her right hand felt no pain and was relaxed.

11th session:

Four days after our last session, ‘client’ felt physically better, and could eat more food.

She had no pain in her hands since our last session.

'Client' wanted to relax as she was very stressed.

After the session, 'client' said her right hand felt much more relaxed than before and her left had felt like she could play the piano.

12th session:

'Client' said her blood count is low and she is receiving medication to improve it. She has side effects from the medication including head pain. Her doctor said her adrenal glands are being attacked by radiation which is more intense.

She said her hair and skin color are also affected by the radiation (more ashen color). She has a pin-prickling feeling in her hands.

After the session, 'client' said she felt her hand related to a lot of things that were going on in her body.

Her left hand felt better and relaxed and her right hand felt good.

This was my last session with this client.

She said she was very grateful to have had reflexology and it was very helpful for her.

Mary McCarthy, 2009

Wendy adds:

This journal reminds me of what an honor it is to be a reflexologist and illustrates the journeys we sometime face, but not alone.

It also had a resonance because my mother had cancer 4 times in four different locations. She survived another 40 years after her last operation. She received chemo and radiation. I wish I knew then how to provide the stress relief that reflexology so beautifully offers.


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