Reflexology and the Best 10 Keys to Planning a Session the Works!

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I’ll start in no particular order, all are good and warrent you attention.


1. Draw Them in with a Kick-Butt Session Plan. This alone can mean the difference between success and failure.

You have just so much time to make a difference in their lives. The best way to do this is to appeal to their concerns and interests. Find out what their goals are, then be sure you have a system in place to monitor their success.

Bad: “Reflexology can help you feel better.”

Better: “Let’s turn team up to turn your energy level around in 4 weeks.”

Obviously your documentations will help you record their progress, but you might want to create an additional scale to refine and monitor this even further.

2. Be Conversational! You heard right.

You’ve probably learned that the less you talk, the deeper your sessions will be experienced.

And that’s true.

However there are times when you need to talk to your client, either at the intake or occasionally during the session.

In this case, talk to you client like a dear, respected friend. Don’t be afraid of using phrases like “And, what would you like session to focus on today?”

Avoid formality and use short easy phrases. Why? Even if you think they can’t possibly misunderstand – a few people will still be confused. Plus, being conversational helps clients feel like they can trust you more.

TIP: Don’t go overboard… no back slapping here. And whatever you do, don’t carry the conversation too far into the session. Remember, it’s more relaxing when you’re not talking.

3. Don’t be Practitioner Centered – Be Client Centered. Just like their brochures, a lot of practitioners talk on about how great Reflexology is… how great a practitioner they are… Hello? Client, anyone?

It’s better to think the way your client is probably thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

Poll your friends and relatives. If you can, talk with some of your clients and ask them:

  1. Why they chose you (you’ll also know how they look for help), and
  2. What they get out of your service (you’ll find out how they experience the benefits).

TIP: To instantly make your service more client-focused, insert the word “you” often.

4. Focus on the Benefits, not just the Features. The fact that you offer the best Reflexology is great, but what does it DO for your client? Does it give her a better quality of life? Does it give her “knock out” relaxation? Give her peace of mind?

Here’s an example: If you’re going to seek out Depak Chopra or Carolyn Myss, you’re not just going to these “stars” to hear about your health. You’re choosing who the wealthy, most selective clients see. So that’s what this particular “healer” sells.

It matters less how good their work is. (Dry that tear… you know it’s true!)

So, think about what your clients are really looking for.

For example: What does an insurance broker sell? If you answered “insurance policies” you’ve missed my point.

If you answered “peace of mind”… you’ve got it.

5. Nix the “Jive” Talk. Keep your explanations simple and avoid the jargon. Just stick to the facts… and the benefits. An easy way to weed out the mumbo jumbo is to think of dear old aunt Millie, listening to you. Would she get it? If not clarify and simplify.

Talk to the level that your client can understand. When I use analogies to explain something, I try to keep it relevant to their interests.

Recently I was struggling to explain Reflexology to a 7 year old. His mom helped me with this one. After a few failed attempts on my part she said, “it’s like a computer… you can press here”, pointing to his feet (keyboard) “and it effects something over there, (hard drive).”

Not only did he get it, but he loved it! Thanks, Mom.

Stay tuned…. I’ll fill you in on the rest of the list – “THE 10 KEYS TO PLANNING A SESSION THAT WORKS! KEYS #6 – 10” in your next newsletter.
Enjoy your wonderful reflexology skills.

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