Can I Call Myself an Expert?

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Over and over again I hear from my students “I’m not sure I’m good enough yet to…..”

You can pretty much fill in the blanks:

…really help people

…charge much for my sessions (it doesn’t matter what the amount is, you know it’s not about that).

…set up a professional practice.

These are people afraid to step outside of their comfort zone because they think….

Yep, another “fill in the blank”___________.

What’s important here is that they think it.

Okay, while you’re waiting for something to happen – another degree, another certification, a blessing from the universe, recognition from whomever, you’re wasting valuable time.

Stay with me on this: Your attitude here is what’s keeping you from moving forward and adding unnecessary stress to your life!

No matter what level you’re at, and I mean this, in fact I tell all my students, there are still plenty of people who need exactly what you do at exactly the level you currently do it.

Now repeat this 7 – 10 times because that’s a very real statistic. It’s how many times a person has to be told something before they even begin to hear it.

But I’ll give that one topic it’s own article.

Now, it’s VERY important, I repeat, it is VERY IMPORTANT to know that you are the expert in what you do if you know more than the other person in the room.

And you do. You’ve trained and if you’ve been trained by me, you’re darn good. Most of you come out of the program with extraordinary skills.

How do I know that? Because I taught you and I’m an expert. So you can claim your expertness by association. I mean that.

Once you get over whatever is holding you back, you will find that claiming your expertise will get you more respect, get media attention, get paid more, and there will be less resistance to following your recommendations and the price that you ask.

And, you’re worth it.

Don’t wait for your client to tell you about your range of expert qualities. You need to act it as if it were true. And remember, it is!

Okay, now how many of you had a doubt there, just then. What was your “script” telling you? Was it saying, no, it “ain’t” true. What does she know….

A very wise homeopath, who made tons of money and whom everybody loved once told me, “Well Wendy, sometimes you just have to ‘fake it ‘til you make it”.

Now he was my homeopath and I was paying him a ton of money and I loved him, and I truly believe that he helped me a great deal, but I wish he hadn’t been the one to tell me that. But, IT WAS TRUE – AND THAT ALONE WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY I EVER PAID HIM.

My point is that everyone, no matter how knowledgeable, has some idea about their shortcomings. This is not what you want to highlight. Focus on the fact that you know plenty and instead of waiting for someone else to tell you, you want to know it yourself from inside.

Hear me now: You do not need anybody’s permission to believe you’re the best at what you do! In fact, here are a few things I inform my students if they are expressing doubt about their “qualifications” to do reflexology and charge well for it.

In the eyes of your clients, customers, and the media, you can call yourself an expert if you can answer yes to these questions…

1. Do I Know More About Reflexology Than You do?

Yes, yes and yes, you’re going to know more. Do you know everything? No, but nobody does and there are at least a couple of BILLION people who know a whole lot less than you.

When I first created my training program, I wouldn’t say I was an expert in reflexology. But by studying reflexology in depth to work with my own clients and then to share that information with my students, I’ve narrowed it down to a science and now I can share this great information with anyone who wants to hear it.

You can make a good living just helping people remember what they already know about their health issues. Remember they’re always going to be the expert on their body and they already have a lifetime of trying things out.

And something has worked better than anything else. How about asking what has helped them in the past and get them back on the path… along with all the stress relieving benefits of your fabulous reflexology.

(See – You didn’t have to be the encyclopedia on the topic of their health, just a good listener.)

All you need to know is about your reflexology.

2. Have I Done What I’m Telling Others to Do?

Every one of my students has a story about reflexology. I do too (another article). You simply CANNOT go through the whole program without reflexology changing your life in a positive way.

You’ve experience the before and after of reflexology.

You’ve known someone in class who had a breakthrough and acknowledged that reflexology was instrumental, if not the one thing, in supporting that positive change.
You’ve even received reflexolo gy from people who weren’t that well trained (remember your fellow students in the beginning of the program) but none of you quit because your partner wasn’t up to speed. In fact you still had improvements and breakthroughs and moments of pure bliss. Your body never forgets and somewhere behind there your mind knows this too.

If you’re not getting regular reflexology sessions and paying for them then you’re giving a “do as I say and not as I do” qualifier. It’s no wonder if you’re feeling insecure.

Be it once a week, once a month or twice a year, you must “research the field” and do your own homework. It’ll reinforce how good you are and it can teach you a few new techniques that’ll make you even better.

3. Did I Tell You I’m An Expert?

Well, if you didn’t, then how are they going to know? Is someone else going to come along and tell them? Mom perhaps?

Remember that Muhammad Ali became known as “The Greatest” because he himself said it was so? Yes, and — he kept saying it, and eventually everyone else did to! I imagine he believes it to his very core (and I believe it too) and that was how he laid the track that the universe delivered on.

Here’s the Bottom Line… It’s up to YOU.

Don’t forget, your clients, and customers will virtually always accept the position that YOU choose, it’s the one you choose for yourself and present to others.

Never lie, and don’t claim to be what you’re obviously not, but….

There are still plenty of people (and I mean no end to the supply) who don’t have the skills you do and who need exactly what you have to offer at exactly the level you are currently at.

Trust me on this one.


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