Reflexology and the 10 Keys to Planning Sessions That Work!

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In the last newsletter, I’d left off with #5:

Below are the remaining 6 Keys to Planning Sessions that Work” for Reflexologists (and other bodyworkers).

Here are the remaining steps…

6. Give clients a way to notice the difference they feel after the session.

This gives your client a way to measure, in their own body, the feeling of relaxation and their sense of well-being.

But, what if they don’t feel the benefits? You want to know that too.

By registering the tangible benefits, they’ll have even more reason to return.

A few clients will report no change, but the amount of sales you GAIN from this strategy can dramatically outweigh the risk.

7. Request immediate action for the follow up session and give them a time frame to start with.

Some reflexologists say goodbye and hope that the client will call again.

You need to take action and ask before they leave if they would like to book another session.

Even better you can give them a couple of dates in the next week or two that you have an opening.

You’re doing them a service by eliminating the time and inconvenience of having to call back, leave a message, etc.

If you’ll be raising your price soon or you’ll be away from your office or doing a benefit event – let them know this or say there’s a discount for booking in advance because it will save you the administrative cost of call-back or hiring a booking service.

Clients love it when savings are passed on to them.

8. Give your clients an Action Plan.

It’s a good idea to give your client some suggestions about they can do to help themselves between sessions.

Since they are ultimately responsible for their own health, it can be a great help to give them a plan or get them back on the path towards their goals.

Try not to make it too big of a task, because if they don’t accomplish it they might feel badly.

If I don’t have any unique ideas for them to try, I’ll ask them about what they already know. I find something that does work for them and then I suggest that they increase this activity (or decrease it as the case may be) by 10%.

I’ll sometimes suggest that they do no more than 10%, (which can always be added on to in the future). That’s because if they fail to achieve it, nothing big is lost.

9. Make one last suggestion.

In parting ask your client if, as a courtesy reminder, they would like you to call before their next scheduled session.

Or, if they haven’t booked a next session, ask if they would like you to touch base with them in a week or 2.

If they give you permission to call, make sure you do, but don’t try to “sell them a session”. Make the communication about them and not about you.

10. Don’t forget to let your client know that they can contact you for any information!

Clients WILL have questions, so provide an easy way to get a hold of you with your phone number and e-mail address, and add your website too, especially if it has a section for FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).

As I mentioned in s previous step – give yourself an “action plan” if you do just 10% of these steps, you should reap the benefits and if you do them all, I know you’ll be amazed by the power of these.

Here’s to your good session (and business) health!

Enjoy your wonderful Reflexology skills.

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