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This is an illustration of one student’s experience, reported after the 2011 Reflexology and Gemstone Therapy workshop.

Case Study – Gemstone Healing

Right after I took the Gemstone class I worked on a reflexology client I had been seeing regularly for diabetes control and stress.

This client is not on medication but he strictly adheres to a diabetes prescribed diet. Despite that, his feet were always ice cold even after I did an hour of reflexology on him.

I had two large citrine crystals which are recommended for diabetes. I put one in the center of the mandala we had done in class and surrounded it with stones for stress reduction.

The other crystal I gave to the client to hold in his left hand and put a malachite stone, good for stress reduction, in his right hand.

I worked for a half hour on his left foot. As I was moving to his right foot my arm brushed against his left hallux [big toe] and I noticed it was extremely warm.

This was in marked contrast to the other times I had worked on him when as I stated, his feet always remained cold. I worked on the right foot for an equal amount of time but at the end of the session that foot remained cool, though not as col d as previous sessions.

To conclude, the foot on the side where the citrine stone was held was markedly warmer than ever before while the other foot, on the side with the stress stone was not as cold as previously, which I ascribe to the effect of the mandala, but nowhere near as warm as the left foot.

Since then, whenever I give a reflexology session to this client I put a citrine crystal in each hand. Both his feet respond to this and in fact, the normal every-day temperature of his feet has dramatically improved.

– Lili H.

Nice work Lili!
Enjoy your wonderful reflexology skills.

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