The 4 Most Powerful Relaxation Reminders…I Create for my Clients and Myself.

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As Reflexologists we have powerful reflexology “tools” at our disposal that offer our clients deep relaxation and relief from stress. And what happens to our bodies when we’re relaxed and DE-stressed. We feel better. Our bodies can return to balance faster. Our healing processes are supported.

Is that enough? It’s a lot already. But what if you had an opportunity to offer even more relaxation, with minimum effort. That’s right – almost nothing more for you to do.
Here are “the 4 most powerful relaxation reminders I create for my clients…and for myself.”

  1. Consider THE VISUAL – You want the surroundings for your clients and for you to be relaxing, calm and peaceful. In my office I have lots of fabrics, calming images, sculpture and curtains (which hide some of my storage, for me a necessity for reducing the distractions and for my clients it eliminates any visual clutter).  You can work in an office, your home or a rented space but keep the area of your work visually calm and soothing.  How can you do this at home or if you share a rental space? An inexpensive solution is to use screens and/or curtains to separate living and working areas in your home.  In a rental space, bring some fabrics and pin or drape them to set the tone and offset that office feeling. A silk fabric or a beautiful floral banner can fit nice and lightly into any Reflexology travel kit.  This creates a memory or reminder for relaxation.
  2. Consider THE AUDITORY – Have a pleasant sounding environment. This too can create a memory or reminder for relaxation.  Try a cascading fountain or a sound machine that produces gentle nature sounds. Music-only tapes and CD’s that have soothing melodies are great. Remember it’s best if there are no words to the music.  Why no words? People naturally go into their heads when they hear words. Some songs might have sad memories attached, which is another reason why “neutral” works best.  And…REMEMBER that for people who work in the music business, any music might put them in work mode. Often they’ll request silence.  Sound can be powerfully relaxing or a stress trigger. Bottom line – offer the option and let the client choose.
  3. Consider THE TACTILE – This is what we do. We create a relaxing touch experience for our clients. It’s touch that’s safe, compassionate and therapeutic.  The tactile can also be represented in color and the textures of our table linens: sheets and coverings.  Again, this creates a memory or reminder for relaxation.
  4. Consider THE AROMATIC – First, choose whether to work with aromas or not. If your space has any kind of odd or musty smell then the choice has already been made for you! If you can’t move, AROMA INVIGORATE!  Did you know that several common essential oils are anti-viral, anti-septic, anti-fungal AND anti-biotic. Remember that around cold season!  Did you know there’s no standard to the essential oil industry? All essential oil products differ. Some of the “best” blends can have other oils added (still pure and natural, but you’re paying a lot for common vegetable and nut oil extenders). You need to research and trust your distributor.  For those who choose Aromatherapy, your session space should have a pleasant supportive aroma. You can change the mood of the session, i.e. uplifting, calming, healing, etc. … with your choice of pure essential oils.  The mere whiff of the pure and natural essential oils that I use, “evokes a little bit of Wendy Heaven”, as one of my clients described it.  Several clients, whenever they enter my office, say they immediately feel relaxed. That’s before I’ve done anything!  Remember my reference to Pavlov? Well, my clients senses are reminding them of the previous sessions and how relaxing and good they felt.  I choose to work with these powerful healing tools because of their versatility in my sessions.  My clients draw real benefits from this. They can also be reminded and brought back into relaxation at any point afterward, just by carrying an essential oil previously used in the reflexology session.  It’s true that some clients will request “no aroma” at all. In this case, it’s easy to keep your space neutral since aromas diffuse quickly. Only a very, very few clients won’t be able to tolerate any aroma. And in fact, I don’t have any such clients.  I LOVE working with AROMATHERAPY.  I carry 2-3 essential oils with me at all times. They’re in small bottles and they’re life savers.  Where have they saved me most often? On airplanes, on the streets of New York City and in taxis and subways. I know it’s so pedestrian (no pun) but more than once, I’ve reached for an oil and saved my nose and sanity!

Want to learn more? Everything you need to know is in my Aromatherapy Training Program, and it starts this spring 2012!

Enjoy your wonderful reflexology skills.

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