Improve Your Reflexes and Mind Skills

Your body is a temple. This statement is something many of hear but not fully understand. What it means is that your mind resides inside your physical body. If you take care of your flesh, the mind will be quiet and powerful. It also works the other way around: by improving your reflexes and cognitive ability, you make sure that the body also improves dramatically. This can also improve with video games. You have probably heard in the past that video games are an effective gateway to alleviating or aiding patients with reflexes and cognitive disabilities. It really is true, so if you want a trial, you might head to Bonus Play’N Go and get the best bonuses to get you started. You may even win something, all this while being productive about your abilities.

We want to tell about different medical techniques and whole methodologies capable of healing your body and changing the way you think!

Different types of alternative medicine

Traditional medicine evolved to a point where we can cure most diseases. The only true enemy that we have is cancer. However, genetics also made several strides and we are closer to understanding how cancerous cells start appearing in our bodies and what could prevent cancer. While many people spend all their time in online casinos trying to escape from their illnesses and sense of dread by spending casino bonus funds on mindless games, others learn to cope or patiently wait for a possible cure.

Despite the progress of medicine, we still have a lot to learn from our ancestors. For millennia, people all across the globe mastered various healing techniques. All of them are rooted in wisdom and knowledge amassed by herbalists and scientists over the course of history.

  • Ayurveda is a great example of how a union between human and nature could be achieved. Many potions and preparations created by Ayurveda specialists contain all-natural ingredients that come directly from nature! The whole process of creating a new remedy is close to what ancient alchemists did to synthesize new elements. Trial and error.
  • Chinese alternative medicine includes various healing techniques including acupuncture, dry needling, and herbalism. Asia is full of mysterious plants and herbs growing wildly all across the region. Local herbalists mastered the art of preserving and extracting the power of nature directly from herbs.
  • Homeopathy is one of the examples of alternative medicine gone wrong. Every single ancient healing technique has at least some form of scientific foundation, but homeopathy is so far removed from reality that we cannot really say anything positive about this type of alternative medicine. Homeopathy claims to cure all sorts of conditions including addiction to slot games that about 1% of all players develop while playing in online casinos. There are better ways.
  • Reflexology is also known as zone therapy. It is a well-developed technique based on a premise that some zones of our bodies are reflexes that affect our organisms. Reflexology massage techniques revolve around using reflex points to reinforce the functions of internal organs and glands. There are many reflexology massage techniques commonly used as treatments for specific diseases.

Improve your reflexes and coordination through gaming

Reflex points are often tied to the nervous system. The agility of the CNS is quite important for reflexology massage techniques to work. Hence, you should focus on improving your CNS by playing games. One of the best ways to quickly develop better reflexes and coordination is playing video games. Rhythmic games with special effects are the best since they stimulate the CNS better.

You may not believe it, but in a typical online casino, you can find a plethora of casino games that are great for CNS stimulation. On top of the visual effects and repetitive gameplay, you also receive an additional benefit: relaxation. Gambling is considered a form of recreational activity meaning that your brain produces more beneficial hormones when you play. Another great thing about online casinos is that you can get a no deposit casino bonus and spend it on eligible slot games — freebies all day long. You can find the best choice and bonuses at some of the best French online casinos, such as the Casinoenfrance website. It’s a beginner’s guide that will help you start and understand better the casino rules and policies.

Playing games like Guitar Hero, Osu and action games including shooters also help you develop better reflexes and eye-to-hand coordination. While reflexology massage techniques provide a beneficial effect for your body, you need to constantly keep your CNS energized. If you don’t have enough time to engage in sports, video games are just as good.

Online skill based games

Tingling your CNS is quite important if you want to be healthier. There are several great games that you can play to make your cognitive function much more refined.

  • Poker is a great game that involves real money (most of the times) and requires you to develop many good qualities including discipline, patience, attention, and ability to calculate odds. There are many variations of this game and analogs like Niu Niu (Bull Bull) in China.
  • OSU! The game has been praised for its intense gameplay. It demands you to develop quick reflexes and impeccable eye-to-hand coordination. If you want to improve your brains, this game is certainly a good way to do it.
  • One Finger Death Punch is also a great PC game (available for mobile phones as well) that makes you focus on polishing your reaction time. It does not demand much physical effort on your side. You only need to use two buttons (left and right buttons on your mouse) to control the protagonist.

An alternative healing therapy

Reflexology massage techniques are often employed to treat a variety of conditions including neurological issues, pathologies of internal organs, and problems related to bones and joints. If you are looking for a safe yet effective method to treat yourself, read more about reflexology massage techniques!