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The Reflexology Prof’s: “Master The 6 Qualities of Top Reflexologists” Audio Guide

reflexologyprof_productStatistics for the Successful Solo Practitioner can be Woefully Discouraging.

Most will never build a full practice, and few of them will even get close the six-figure income barrier.

Often, they’ll work way too hard to earn too little money to do more than pay the bills. (A sad situation for a profession that brings such joy to the hearts of the many it helps.)

I’m not bringing this to your attention to scare you, but rather, to save you from possible future heartache, frustration, and failure.

Believe me; I know you love what you do. But…

  • If you’re trying to push your income, but you just keep falling short…
  • If the strategies you’ve been using haven’t been getting you the results you REALLY want…
  • If you still aren’t attracting the number and type of clients you need to finally get ahead…

It’s Time for you to Listen to this Special Audio Program!

For the past sixteen years of my Reflexology and bodywork career, I’ve met and worked with hundreds of practitioners. Many of them have confidentially shared with me that they’re struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

Do you want to know the answer?

It’s not that they’re not great bodyworkers.
It’s not that they’re not thoughtful, intelligent people.
It’s not that they’re not marketing themselves in a variety of ways.

It could be that they haven’t been taught strategies that WORK. So they don’t effectively and consistently attract enough new clients.

Well, this SIMPLY has to STOP.

Get Ready to Make This Year YOUR YEAR!

Here’s just a sampling of what I am going to share with you on this Audio:

  • the 6 major qualities Top Reflexologists use to attract more clients.
  • the 5 simple components you MUST include in your action plans in order to make it realistic and really WORK.
  • my secret Follow-Up System” that will skyrocket your client base, automatically!
  • my personal secret to networking at events. (Stop wasting time and money dragging yourself around to all those health fairs — there’s a better way!)
  • 3 easy ways to instantly position yourself as an expert.
  • the most important marketing lesson you can learn.

Are you ready for your own personal, easy-to-follow ACTION PLAN that you can begin using immediately to turn your practice around?

In the information I’m providing, I’ve made sure to give you everything you need. Your purchase includes a downloadable MP3 copy of the entire 70+ AUDIO RECORDING to listen to as many times as you like.

And, as always with any ReflexolgyProf production, you are protected by my 100% money-back guarantee.

You’ll Walk Away with a Renewed Excitement About This Year

You don’t want to wait too long before putting together even a basic practice plan. Rest assured this will NOT be complicated! In fact, beginning NOW you can be excited about your prospects for the coming months.

  • This is an Audio Download that you’ll keep listening to over and over. It’s full of practical, how to information designed to help you boost your practice.
  • You can rest assured with my 100% money-back guarantee.

Included in the Master Package is:

Download MP3 Audio

  • $19- download only

I could charge $150.00 to $300.00 to work up even a simple practice plan for Reflexologists. Now you don’t need to pay that kind of money. You just need a simple blueprint you can use yourself. And that’s just what I’m going to give you, plus much more, for only $19.00.

That’s a drop in the bucket compared with the additional income you’ll generate this year by using my strategies!

So, are you ready?

YES, Wendy — I want to Master the 6 Qualities of Top Reflexologists and finally map out an ACTION PLAN for my Reflexology business, so I can EARN MORE INCOME this year!

I understand that for only $19.00, I’ll get the downloadable
copy of the complete 70+minutes audio recording. (I also make this purchase at NO RISK with your money-back guarantee.)

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