Read some real-life testimonials from happy students and clients:

single_gy“I thought the Reflexology training was very comprehensive. This was the
first bodywork training I had ever received, and I am grateful for Wendy
Coad’s professionalism and nurturing spirit. She equipped me with the
skills and confidence to start my own practice.”


Search as extensively as you wish – it’ll confirm the admiration you’ll come to have for this program, and how lucky you are to have access to it.

Reflexology has – at this time, in this moment – provided me with a window into such a unique and honorable healing field when so many others have gates up at every turn.

The percentage of gifted healers that have found their way through the gates set up by western medical schools is, unfortunately, very small. Reflexology is one of the few sciences that remain accessible – and for those of us who desire to be trained -  Wendy Coad has amassed a more encompassing program than any other you’ll find.

R.F. – Industrial Real Estate Portfolio Manager

“I loved the workshop with Wendy Coad, who is an inspiring,
knowledgeable and down-to-earth teacher. Not only did my face
feel and look rejuvenated, my whole body and spirit felt

Sue Scott Dolan
Harrisburg, PA