One of the first things I learn when I studied Cranio-sacral Balancing is that the body has a symphony of rhythms, each in concert with the other.

There’s a very special rhythm created by the movement of the cerebral-spinal fluid, which baths our brain and spine like a tide that washes up and down it’s length.

And, there’s a pulse that is palpable which follows the flow of this tide. The rate of this rhythm is approximately seven beats per minute.

So, in addition to our heart rhythm and the rhythm of our breathing, our whole skeletal system gently pulses – inverts and everts – to the flow of the cranial-spinal fluid.

It took me some time to learn how to palpate the cranial rhythm since it’s so deep within our body. It’s with the utmost respect and the deepest “listening“ through my fingertips that I finally sensed the magic of it’s movement.

As if that weren’t awesome enough, I learned that with the gentlest of techniques this primal motion could be safely paused, as if to set it to rest for a few seconds and up to several minutes.

It’s known as inducing the “still point.”

Once the cranial rhythm is put into a pause the body can rest in a natural way, freed momentarily from one more task, albeit a natural one.

This is where the deepest relaxation effect is to be had – like a mega alpha state where consciousness is well beneath the surface, but not to the point yet of unconsciousness.

We’ve all experienced it when we receive reflexology and our clients have too – that’s why we love our work so much, the relaxation effect of this state is profound.

An experienced crainio-sacral practitioner is very familiar with the still point and how to induce it. Once set into place, the practitioner need do nothing more than wait for the body to reset itself.

And the body will naturally resume its cranial rhythms, so slight and gentle that they are almost imperceptible even to the trained.

Along with this reset is the potential for irregularities in the natural movement to be corrected and be brought back into greater alignment.

So what does this have to do with reflexology and our solar plexus points?

When we hold these simple reflex points, we can naturally induce this state of deep relaxation – the “still point”.

By changing nothing that you already do, just be aware that your thumbs placed in the solar plexus center of both feet, with a hold that is both gentle and firm, will likely do what Cranio-sacral Balancing practitioners strive to do to help their clients.

It’s a good thing for body and soul.

Ever wonder why, at the end of your session when you hold these points, there’s yet another wave of relaxation that comes over your client?

Well, now you know and by doing nothing else, you’ve supplied a magical addition to your session.

And, that’s another reason why I begin and end every session with the solar plexus reflex.

Enjoy your wonderful reflexology skills.

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