Hammertoe is the most common term for bent toes (mallet toe and claw toe, are differentiated by the joints that are contracted). Although they may be caused by injury, muscle imbalance or birth defect, they are most commonly formed by ill fitting shoes (too pointy, too short, too narrow or too tight).

Lots of people ask if Reflexology can do anything to help Hammertoes. Remember, as Reflexologists we don’t treat, diagnose or prescribe. Having said that, I always respond to any such inquiry…YES, absolutely!

Why would I be so bold? Because I firmly believe that Reflexology can help just about anything.. Remember that Reflexology is never a substitute for medical treatment. If there is a medical problem they should go for medical help.

For my clients, I integrate all my great relaxation techniques for the toes and detail them in my session sequence. I might be curious whether they experience headaches or sinus congestion too!

Here’s what else I do. I have my client stand on a piece of paper. Have them hold onto a chair so they’re stable and have them put their full walking weight on one foot.

Then I draw the outline of that foot with a pen held at 90 degrees from the paper. Once the outline of each foot is on the paper, I’ll put one of their shoes over the paper and align it with the foot.

Usually you can see that the foot is larger than the shoe, especially at the toes.

Next, I send them to a good shoe store and tell them to take the paper with them.

The store will fit them to shoes that are a bit wider and half and inch longer than their foot. They should be snug and the heel will be low.

Try it. Your feet will thank you for years to come.

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