Last week I gave you the first installment of the article: Reflexology, World Reflexology Week, Halloween and the Skeletal System

With the subtitle: “How Does Halloween Feature in World Reflexology Week?”

As I mentioned earlier, while we gear up for both World Reflexology Week and Halloween – why not offer a promotional session in celebration of one or both: World Reflexology Week AND Halloween.

A great way to do that is to offer a special – Special Session, Special Price, Special Event or Special Contribution… the list goes on.

Here are some thoughts on each:

Special Session – Design a sequence that will specifically address a particular system, if you make it the skeletal system (why? Because it’s Halloween) I’ll give you the particulars below.

Special Price – You can do just one of the suggested or just one – like price – You can say something like “In honor of World Reflexology Week, I’m offering a discount, (or a “bring a friend” 2 for one special… – a great way to introduce someone else to your reflexology services and maybe get a new client),

Special Event – make it a celebration! Have an “open house” in your office to thank existing customers and to welcome newcomers to your place. Serve cheese and a beverage and have fun during World Reflexology Week.

Special Contribution – How about volunteering or donating the money you earn from one session during World Reflexology Week to a local charity or to your local/national reflexology association? (State and National Reflexology Associations are non-profits and they work tirelessly on our behalf through volunteer services.)

If you’re in New York City you must join the New York State Reflexology Association’s (NYSRA is hugely active and the largest state association in the country). They have for years offered sessions to patients and caregivers at the “Hospital for Joint Disease” and they are planning an event celebrating World Reflexology Week in conjunction with Ronald McDonald House – a facility that offers affordable, temporary housing for parents/family of kids undergoing cancer treatments while at hospitals (in New York City and around the country). Get more info by emailing

Now, as I mentioned last week, when it comes to pain and how it affects the body, most people think of the skeletal system first – as in the spine, hips, knees and shoulders. The skeletal system happens to be one of the most important systems of the body. If we treat it right and maintain it well, it will be happy to return the favor.

You can check last week’s newsletter at for the first part of the article on Holistic Healing for the Skeletal System.

In it I talked about the skeleton and postural deformities as well as other skeletal problems and issues that might affect the bones or joints.

Lots of people suffer from back problems as they age due to vertebrae that start to become displaced. The result is stiffness and may lead to pain as well as a restriction in movement.

The skeletal system is affected by your lifestyle. From doing heavy work to leading a sedentary life or maybe not getting the right nutrition, the spine takes the brunt of all these situations and more.

How Can Reflexology Help

As my mom, Irene used to say, “an once of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

You should always remember to wear proper equipment (and especially kids) while you’re participating in sports like football, hockey or soccer. Make sure you wear the helmet and proper knee and elbow pads.

Make sure that your posture is right while you are sitting at your desk or doing reflexology. Many of us tend to slouch while working. Try to consciously correct your posture while you are at work.

You should drink a lot of water and quit drinking spirits altogether. Alcohol doesn’t do any good to the body and the sooner you stop drinking, the better. Smoking too is an absolute no-no. It can make your bones more brittle by leaching nutrients out and you’ll wrinkle like a prune.

And last but not least – reduce stress in your life and get adequate rest.

So what will reflexology do for those aching bones… exactly what reflexology does:

It can reduce stress in your body and in your life.

It may improve circulation which is also good for healthy bones.

In addition, I believe that reflexology will strengthen the bones of the feet because bones respond to pressure and we do apply appropriate reflexology pressure to all sides of the feet.

I’ve had so many clients report that their back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, leg pain is gone or greatly reduced after one or a series of reflexology sessions.

The relaxation alone will help reduce the tension that’s held in the structure, letting the body return to a more balanced feeling.

Know where your skeletal reflexes are:

1.  Cervical Vertebrae Reflex –  Bilateral, medial aspect, proximal phalanx of hallux.

2.  Coccyx Reflex – Bilateral, medial aspect, posterior side of calcaneus.

3.  Hip/Back/Sciatic Reflex – Bilateral, posterior to medial and lateral malleolus.

4.  Knee/Leg/Hip Reflex – Bilateral, lateral aspect of mid-foot.

5.  Lumbar Vertebrae Reflex – Bilateral, medial aspect, mid-foot.

6.  Neck Reflex – Bilateral, shaft of proximal phalanx of the hallux.

7.  Ribs Reflex – Bilateral, dorsal aspect of metatarsals 1-5.

8.  Sacrum Reflex – Bilateral, medial aspect, anterior side of calcaneus.

9.  Shoulder/Arm Reflex – Bilateral, plantar, lateral and dorsal aspects of 5th metatarsal head.

10.  Spine Reflex – Bilateral, medial aspect from posterior calcaneus to Interphalangial Joint (IPJ) of hallux (transverses medial aspect of foot along the calcaneus, navicular, medial cuneiform, 1st metatarsal & proximal phalanx of great toe).

11.  Thoracic Vertebrae Reflex – Bilateral, medial aspect of 1st metatarsal.

You can detail each and every one of these skeletal reflexes. Don’t forget to include the muscular system reflexes (thrapezius reflex, abdominal reflexes, etc…)