FYI – my 2012 Reflexology Tele-seminar Series is almost ready to announce. You’ll see it here soon.

  1. On average, in a lifetime, a person will walk between 125,000 and 250,000 miles. The first one adds up to more than four times the distance around the world and the later is the distance from the earth to the moon. No wonder we need to take good care of our feet… so they can take care of us and last a lifetime.
  2. The skin on your soles is up to 20 times thicker than the skin on any other part of your body.
  3. When you run, the pressure that is applied to your feet is four times greater than your normal body weight.
  4. Ever notice the shoes you just bought that felt right in the store feel tighter when you get them home? It may be because the shoe stores put a plush carpet down to make everything feel more comfortable. But also, our feet will swell slightly during the day and by afternoon they are up to one size larger than they were in the morning (that’s a 5% increase in volume). So, if you bought your shoes in the morning they may not feel as comfortable by the end of the day.
  5. And, between our two feet, one foot will be a half to a full size larger than the other (at any time of the day).
  6. Our feet contain approximately 250,000 seat glands. These glands can excrete a cup of moisture in a day. (That’s why it’s so good to wear cotton socks and breathable footwear.)
  7. Our feet stop growing when we hit our teen years and the last bone in the foot to mature fully is the 1st metatarsal.
  8. Shoe sizes were first “standardized in the 14th century by King Edward II who declared that the diameter of a grain of barleycorn would be the measure for one full shoe size. We still use this system!
  9. In about 20 % of the population the second toe is longer than all the others.
  10.  The 52 bones in a pair of feet represent a quarter of all the bones in the body.  That’s a lot to articulate about.