When I first started my practice I took payment for reflexology sessions in cash or checks. It was easy and people always had one or the other.

That was a while ago.

Then, as soon as I found I could get one – I applied for a credit card machine. I went through the long application process and set up a credit card merchant account.

And, I was happy with the ease and convenience but it did cost me monthly to maintain it – even if I didn’t use it all the time.

The best part about taking credit cards is that it makes it easier for clients to pay. This is true whether it’s a lot – many hundreds of dollars for a 5 or 10 session “Wellness Package” or just a little, like adding an extra half hour onto their existing session. (It also eliminates the need for clients, who have no checks and too little cash, to go to the corner ATM and run back with their payment.)

Now people are using their debit and credit cards even more.

Here are the 3 things that every Reflexologist will want to consider as options for payments:

  1.  Accept “Paypal” payments. You probably have a Paypal account, especially if you shop online. It’s free, not difficult to set up, and most people already use it for internet purchases. All you need to do is set up your account to accept payments and have your clients pay the funds for the sessions.You can direct clients to use it for larger payments like multi-session packages. This works best for payments in advance (rather than after the reflexology service has been provided).
  2. Set up a merchant account. In the past I’ve had various types of these accounts – one from a financial institution and the other from an internet provider. These take time to navigate, require a business bank account and charge you monthly for services plus a percentage of the amount charged (usually between 2 & 3 percent). I’m happy I’ve had mine all these years, but their costs have deterred some Reflexologists.
  3. Now we come to what I think is a great solution. It’s the newest in e-commerce and if you have a “smart phone” and want to take credit card payments you need to check it out. There are services like “Square” that are catering to businesses large and small with a transaction speed that’s all of 30 seconds.

The credit card “swipe” attachment to your phone is the size of a postage stamp and it opens in a program that is so simple to use and it takes no time at all. I bought mine at Apple but you can find them at Radio Shack and even Target.

The purchase cost is minimal, no need for a business bank account, plus there are no monthly charges. Payments go into your bank account in a few days and the fee that is taken from each transaction is about the same as other methods. It’s been more than worthwhile having it for my business.

It’s up to you to decide how you’ll take payment for your reflexology sessions, but remember, the easier you make it for your clients, the better.